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Hi, could someone please direct me as to where I can find Blackhorn 209 to black powder tables.I do not know how to word question? If a 120 grain charge of blackhorn is the equivalent to 150 grains black. How do you measure smaller charges to equal black powder charges. For example Pyrodex said to reduce charges by 20 pct. to equal black pressures. I.E a 35 grain charge of b.p would be a 27gn. Pyrodex load.
I have never despised any living American as much as I do Trump. He is a liar, philanderer, he is unloyal, immature, lazy, ignorant and an utter failure as a human being. He has lost on every international quest he has undertaken. Kim Jung Un laughs at him as N. Korea tests missiles and nuclear weapons and enriches uranium right under Trump's nose.
Greg Brown
What is our option, the corrupt Biden crime family? Hunter Biden's lawyer just confirmed the laptop was genuine when he sent phone calls and emails demanding it back. Four of the people emailed by Hunter have confirmed the email's accuracy. The Biden camp has not refuted nor sued either Rudy or the New York Post for slander or retraction. Biden is well and truly compromised, a blackmail target and a Traitor
Hi Greg,
It is unfortunate to have people so blind that they would vote for the devil himself. They refuse to see the truth. If Biden wins, not only do we lose, America loses. They will refuse to see the truth until it is to late, and they are faced with slavery and starvation.
CVA Enthusiast
CVA Enthusiast
More Ironic Clinton and Obama sold rocketman the urainium. So whats he saying if anything at all
Hi Pete,
Is the Nikon scope still available? If it is, what form of payment will you take?
Under current conditions, it would be difficult for me to go in someplace to get a money order. I could do Paypal or personal check.
Sorry, Ron. It's long gone.