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CVA Fanboy

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May 27, 2021
Good friend recently acquired a weird 5 shot revolver 1862 Police/Pocket he got it for $120 it has a hand problem, missing wedge. As we researched the markings (I hope your seated) it is an Armi San Marco made for CVA and imported by Pietta, I thought I lost my mind yes has all 3 markings. Trying to find parts, Piettas do not fit even if stoned,filed or modified, CVA no longer supports and we all know Armi San Marco is out of business. Now these guys Welcome to VTI Replica Gun Parts - Online Store have done the crossovers and can state Uberti will fit may need fitting (mild filing) but their customer service states it is the best option. Well I am going to try I will keep this post updated as bulletins warrant. Also in my digging I found out Uberti absorbed some of Armi San Marco such as Taurus did with Beretta.

Lost Oki

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Dec 25, 2020
reminds me of a phrase we used when I was in the navy....ya, anyway, not the place for that phrase...Ole Barnacle Bill would blush. Good luck with getting everything together....sometimes ya just need to take a break and drink a cup of coffee.

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