Fixin' Wax

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N.Y. Yankee

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Jan 11, 2019
Do you use it? Do you make it? What do you put in it? It's pretty neat stuff if you mix it right, it's all natural and non toxic. It can soften and protect your leather, wood handles, and your skin and lips too I form it into a cake and wrap in cloth or put it in tins. Kind of a relative to patch lube paste. I like beeswax, coconut oil, hard beef tallow and some scented oil like pepermint.


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Aug 8, 2018
Lower Left Alabama, or Alaska
I use a mixture of beeswax, Bear grease, sweet oil (olive oil) with mixture ratio depending on what the application and probable weather. I also use it for wood, metal, and leather, cushion wads, patches etc. If I added a little essential oil of some flavor, I'd probably use it for chap stick too. .... I started using it on all my flintlocks dozen years ago just to be closer to how GGGrand paw did it, now use it on all my BP firing guns. Hot water and soap clean up. Also as water protection on my Jefferson boots and mocs. As you, I generally mold it using a small tin muffin mold and wrap, or pour into small wide mouth antique jars and cork, also torched the paint off some cap tins and poured them full to carry in smaller pouches etc... torching the tins and oiling them gives them a nice older "used" look and I do my other tin boxes the same that I sell my flint/steel, sulphur match kits in. Damn this is fun........