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May 27, 2021
WELCOME.......50 Hawken, .44 Pietta Sheriff & .50 Bolt Hunter Mag, shot, wads, powder some cleaning supplies slings/scopes I took in on trade with some other add ons for black powder. I Had a .243 was not using, another guy wanted it I figured I eh go ahead, I`ll sell off most of what is here maybe keep revolver make some cash on side. On a bored day I took out the Hawken, End up I kept it all. YUP even that old school CVA In Line. I can put up a Silver Dollar size shot group at 150 yards with the rifles now, that revolver on at 25 yards. Casting .495/.451 round ball cutting wads having fun, actually relieving stress....The trade the Hawken best decision I made. I apologize saw the pic of Hawken Got pulled to my very first black powder firearms.

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