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Buck Conner

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Oct 20, 2015

Hardtack-dated 1863, from the New Ulm Minnesota Militia (anything in ( ) is my personal notes on the recipe).
3 Cups Milk (I use raw milk, or buttermilk)
8 Cups Flour ( I use 3 cups whole wheat, 5 cups white unbleached)
2 tablespoon sugar ( I use raw sugar)
1 tablespoon salt
4 tablespoon shortening
Mix ingredients and roll out 1/4", cut squares 3" x 3" ( I use a spear bullet box for a cutter, two holes in bottom for fingers), punch holes with a wooden spoon handle (like a soda cracker), bake at 400dg for 35 minutes (to taste).
If it will be consumed in a fairly short time you can bake less, it will be more chewy than crunchy. Store in a cloth sack, NOT a sealed container or it may mold. This will keep a long time. Some folks and most dogs enjoy this recipe. It is a 'fancy' hardtack, but then it came from a bunch of German farmers.

A little History? New Ulm MN was involved in the Sioux uprising of 1862. The Sioux were being denied their food and annuity payments, etc... on the reservations. They noticed that the soldiers were all going away (civil war). Tensions were high= uprising.
The Indians rampaged across the plains killing approx. 450 people and destroyed an awful lot of property. New Ulm was attacked, and successfully defended. The Indians then went to attack nearby Ft. Ridgely. After the defenders there discouraged the Indians, they returned to New Ulm. Again the inhabitants made a good defense. The conflict lasted 38 days before the Sioux were subdued. There was the largest mass hanging of some of the perpetrators in US History. There would have been more, but pres. Lincoln commuted many of the sentences. 38 Indians were hanged at once on a huge scaffold in Mankato, MN. Some of my ancestors were among the defenders of new Ulm. Hardtack

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