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Hi Pete,
Is the Nikon scope still available? If it is, what form of payment will you take?
Under current conditions, it would be difficult for me to go in someplace to get a money order. I could do Paypal or personal check.
Sorry, Ron. It's long gone.
I thought I would update after completing my Elk hunt. I hunted hard for six days and passed on a few nice bulls. Ended up with a nice six point that was soaking wet from swimming the Green River and had a fresh arrow in his neck. I used 100 grains of Alliant MZ and a 300 grain Thor bullet shooting down hill at 75 yards. He only took a few steps.
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awesome dave. nice that you could harvest an elk that may have suffered in the long run! congraturlations
I see several of my friends shown as Staff Members which I was on the old site, now show as a Moderator ?
Please send a private message to Jon and myself if you would like to discuss this. I do not think this is appropriate for a discussion any one can see,
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