Why They Picked September 11

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Nov 14, 2017
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Do you know why they picked September 11th?
In the summer of 1683, 300,000 Muslim troops began a siege of Vienna. The fall of Vienna would have left the way clear for the Muslims to invade central Europe. It was the Pasha's goal to take Rome and convert the Basilica there to a Mosque.

A little known Polish Leader named Jan Sobieski arrived in Vienna with 14,000 Polish cavalry. Still sadly outnumbered. Sobieski performed a miracle and over night hauled heavy cannon to the top of Mt Kahlenberg. The added elevation allowed the cannons to reach the Muslim camp, but kept defender's cannon out of the reach of the Muslim Artillery.

At dawn of September 11, death and terror fell upon the Muslim camp from the cannons on Mt Kahlenberg. The Muslim Troops panicked. The main Polish Cavalry were called Winged Hussars because they wore wings on their shoulders to look like Angels of death.. The vastly outnumbered Polish cavalry rode through the retreating Muslims decimating their numbers. The Pasha was executed for his failure to take the Vatican

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