Wanted: photos and info on John Wayne's rifle used the THE ALAMO (1960)

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Peter Stines

Feb 9, 2021
Need some good pictures of this gun and it's measurements. (I have pics from the Dixie catalog that saluted "The Duke") I need some good photos of the patchbox, lock and the inlays. Need barrel length etc. According to the DGW write up Wayne had this rifle made by Hacker Martin. Or Martin might have reworked an original gun he hand on hand to suit Wayne's needs. I think it was .36 or .40 caliber and looked like a toy in Wayne's hands. Anyone know where this gun is now ? Thanks for all help!

Sonny Rich

Well-Known Member
Jan 24, 2020
Go to facebook and do a search for Kashtuk bows and ask Henry he builds flintlocks and very fine flintlocks,makes bows arrows he is a great craftsman.Be worth the visit to see what he's working on,he may be able to help you..https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=kashtuk%20bowcraft%20etc

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