The United States International Muzzle Loading Team (USIMLT).

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Buck Conner

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Oct 20, 2015
Had a guy tell me there was no such thing as these type of matches.

"I don’t understand this. There were no Olympics in Japan in the 1980s, nor were there any shooting events for muzzleloaders."

These matches were held by the United States International Muzzle Loading Team (USIMLT). Ron Long (Long's Locks) was invited as were several other super shots from Colorado and the eastern United States. Can't remember the exact year, but they went to Japan. Long won metals in every event he entered. I got to see them when at his shop in Denver right after he had returned home.

Grand Prix De Versailles Trophy Won by USIMLT in 1976 and 1998
The United States International Muzzle Loading Team (USIMLT) is a non-profit corporation created in 1976 to recruit the best shooters from our country’s muzzle loading community. The members of the U.S. Team are selected through a qualification process to compete in the Muzzle Loading Associations International Confederation (MLAIC) World Championship Events.

World Championships are scheduled every other year and a Zone Championship in the alternate year. Competition is extremely intense, reaching Olympic caliber. Perfect scores are shot occasionally, and new world records set at practically every World Championship event. It is indeed a great achievement to stand on the awards platform among the best black powder marksmen in the world and hear the anthem of one’s country played.

I was presented a USIMLT metal in 1988 for a Regional Championship 25 yd offhand (good enough for regional match but not good enough to move up the ladder). I'll have to look for it and take a picture for you. Not bragging, figured I got lucky because several others shooting have wipped my butt before.




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Jun 11, 2016
Piney woods East Texas
Well, maybe because it never was televised is his excuse ? But other then the Biathlon must people never hear about any of the shooting events summer or winter !
Not only is there a US team there is also a similar team to the north in Canada ! So share this link with the gentleman
and they can even be followed on facebook !

even the Canadian team !

here is a portion of their explanation of the team !

"The renaissance of black powder shooting started in the middle of the last century. Melding history with shooting sports it evolved into a unique mix of cultural and sports activities spreading all over the world.

Blackpowder shooting is a target sport for historical muzzleloading firearms loaded with traditional blackpowder. MLAIC offers precision shooting and clay target competitions for matchlock, flintlock and percussion pistols, revolvers, muskets, rifles and shotguns. Pistol and revolver matches are commenced at 25 and 50 m, rifle matches are shot at distances from 50 m to 1200 yards. The firearms are divided between the classes by age and by technical specifications. MLAIC currently offers 40 individual and more than 20 team disciplines in original and reproduction categories.

The international organization of blackpowder target shooting was founded in 1971.


Jun 1, 2016
Not televised at all, other than possibly a firearms related show on the outdoor channel. I recall years ago, during the Biathalon as I anxiously awaited the shooting segment, which was not shown. I believe it was ESPN or similar that flat out stated "we don't want to show firearms used in a positive light whatsoever" and they didn't... Gentleman, I think you're seeing the final stages of the nazification of the USA under the guise of climate change and fighting racism.

Standing Bear

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Jan 30, 2014
I went to the web site but found nothing about future match dates and locations, information on types of matches (though the slide show did give a little insight) etc.

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