The Journals of PATRICK GASS

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Aug 8, 2018
Lower Left Alabama, or Alaska
The Gass journal is one of the few surviving journals from a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This is a day, by day, by day, account. I extended reading it over several months as I think I didn't want it to end, however it did. If you are interested in the facts of daily life of the members of the expedition and what these men saw and did, it's a must read. Of note I found it interesting that instead of using portable soup, the men had much rather butcher a colt. The batches of portable soup I've made weren't all that bad, but then agin I was not the low bidder who supplied them........ if you liked "Sons of a Trackless Forest", you will like this. This was one I hadn't read before, nothing really new, just another's observation.