Sdporter’s FN Snover Bullet Test

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Jan 11, 2019
I finally got a Chance Between Rain & Wind to shoot these FN (Flat nose) Snover Style Bullets from a Mold that My friend Stacey Porter Made. I cast the First batch of PURE Lead, Due to the Long Streamline Nose I was Quite skeptical about them doing their best here, But i had to try anyway. My Skepticism turned out to be correct.

Rifle was my TC Hawken, With 1:20 Twist Rice Barrel, Powder Charge was 80 Grains by Weight of Swiss 2F

The Bullet again, AWESOME Looking Bullet! Cast of Pure Lead they weighed right at 500 Grains (499)

3 Shot Group 55/60 Yards, PURE Lead.

And Cast of 1-20 Alloy, I had a Hunch this Bullet would do it’s best here ;)This is a FINE Bullet Stacey! Both of your Snover Designs have proven to be Winners👍


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