Quarantine time hunting pouches

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Aug 8, 2018
Lower Left Alabama, or Alaska
With a lot more home time than usual, barn, garden, yard ect. and finally caught up, decided to make separate pouches for each Muzzleloader I use hunting. Have a number of leather ones, mostly a little bigger than I need for just a couple shots, anyhow, saw several originals made with mattress/pillow ticking, so drug out a ticking mattress cover older than I am (and thats old) and it had faded pretty good, had some nice small holes etc... however it was getting pretty well dry rotted, tearing in one direction way too easy, so, used newer stuff I had folded up from the 70s when I shot more, and had bought several yards which the remainder was being used as a dust cover over couple HB blankets I use(d) at rondy. Anyhow, some scrap leather, waxed linen thread, mother of pearl buttons from my grandmothers old sewing box, a coating of linseed oil, and laid out to dry/age in the sun (and couple rain showers) for a week, made them fit for my use. Simple, not real fancy, but followed the couple originals i had seen. Will heat, hammer out D rings from nails, and figure what kind of straps I want, probably just cord. CLA show in October and a nice lady from up Nawth, makes some really really nice straps, and I have some of this stimulus money........


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Jan 21, 2015
Nice! I have 4 bags, all rather small except for one that's only a little larger by an inch or so all the way around. Three are dedicated; still contemplating on the fourth one.

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