Patched Round Balls Fired From .54 Inline

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May 28, 2012
Range:       50 meters. 
Gun:          TC  Fire Hawk .54 caliber, 1/38" twist barrel
Powder:      Black MZ
Patch:         Drill cloth
Cap:           CCI magnum <a href='/tags/11' rel='nofollow' title='See all tagged subjects with: #11'>#11</a>
Lube:          Frontiers Anti-Rust And Patch Lube

This gun shoots patched round balls pretty well.   But only with one powder load, 90 grains of Black MZ.   80 grains makes huge groups at 50 meters as does 100 grains.   The three shot group with the pink Xs was fired with 100 grains of powder.   The six shot group was fired with 90 grains of powder there was one flyer, under the pink arrow. 

This rifle is sighted in for 100 grains of Black MZ powder and the .452, 330 grain hard cast bullet.  i don't want to change that. 

After the patched round balls i fired three rounds of the 330 grain hard cast bullet using 100 grains of Black MZ.   The third shot was low under the pink arrow again.    i climbed up the stock too far and got lightly tapped with the scope.   Not sure that caused the flyer though.   

i load and shoot at targets with no wait time.  Nor do i swab.

strong eagle

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Oct 11, 2016
if you want to shoot patched round balls use this method. get some all cotton pillow ticking and was it in hot water and dry it in a hot dryer to shrink it. 100 percent cotton denim is good also. lube it well with a natural lube and push into the bore with a round ball that is only 5 thousands smaller than the top of the land groove diam. cut off the patch at the muzzle with a old straight razor or sharptpatch knife. use just 70 grains of powder and i bet you get really tight groups. remember the cowboy 45/s and 44/s were a 1/18 twist so that is faster than you inline. if you do what i say you can get tack driving groups with a round ball amd hunt with that load. i had a 1/28 twist 44 that shot both cast bullets and round balls in very tight groups. just dont make a magnum out of it, strong eagle

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