New Leman Cross Plains Rifle build

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May 19, 2008
Arrived safely! A Doc White, in the white kit gun. I've already started by inletting the barrel channel larger and then proceeded to bed the tang and barrel for a nice weather resistant sealed fit. Any tiny little wood splinters, I shaved or sanded away before bedding it. By the time its fully bedded, It'll be from the tang, all the way to the nose cap.

This gun uses an Austin & Helleck .50cal barrel with 1:66 twist. Maple stock is gorgeous! A lot of wood removal at the butt end of the stock, but that's a good problem to have. The lock panel will also need quite a bit of wood removed.

The pewter nose cap needed a lot of filing inside of the barrel channel. I got it close to flush with the wood, but that wasn't really needed as I was bedding the rifle anyway.

Just some shots I took today of the rifle. I'll post more as the build goes on.