Making a custom Toe Plate for Kibler's Southern Mountain Kit

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Apr 23, 2021

Toe plates are common on these southern flintlocks. The sharp lines and thin book can lead to some cracks and breaks, naturally the toe plate evolved to be another place for artistic expression.
I modeled mine off of a top down view of my dachshund, Badger. While it's not done yet, I'm working on engraving some lines to make the plate look more like my dog. Below, you can see a sketch of the dog in tape on the stock, and on the right, the inlet plate.
Photo Feb 22, 3 32 06 PM.jpgPhoto Mar 19, 3 35 32 PM.jpg
This was a fun project, and gave me some more learning opportunities than assembling a plain Kibler would have. If you've not tried these kits, I really recommend it. Someone like me would have to wait years to afford a rifle this nice without Kibler's kits.

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