Make an inexpensive removal handle frying pan for your kit.

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Buck Conner

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Oct 20, 2015
Here's how to make an inexpensive primitive removal handle frying pan. We all know some of these guys are folding handle frying pans that are starting to get pricey.

I made two different style pans very easy within a few hours. Go to your local flea market or junk store and pickup a few inexpensive steel frying pans like your grand parents used, I paid $4.00 a piece for these. At my shop I cut the handles off, and then cleaned up the edge of the pan. Found some straping for one handle and a stick of square rod for the other. Heated up the handle with the torch bent them to the desired shape (put a few twists in one handle) and I was ready to drill holes in each frying pan. Once the hole locations were decided on it was just a matter of doing so. Now I have frying pans that pack easy and fit nicely in a primitive camp.

frying.pans.jpg pan.layouts.jpg


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