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Jan 29, 2017
Lost two of my best trapping areas due to people from Colo buying them up. One ranch I've trapped on 16 yrs with no problem, now a sister in Boulder Co became part owner and wants no one crossing their strip of land to gain access to the PUBLIC land I've been trapping. The other a man from Colo bought two adjoining ranches with grazing leases on adjacent State school lands. You can hunt and fish there but you have to have the leasee's written permission to TRAP on it !! No luck there! Pure BS. I've managed to trap a little on some smaller places per the attached. More competition, lower fur prices, Covid I'm sure. The two badgers on the floor were late comers to the picture take. What a PITA to process, but sell well .....................................Mossie


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Jun 11, 2016
Piney woods East Texas
There was a situation many years ago down near Ennis Mt where a well known TV mogul bought a ranch and in doing so attempted to close off public access to NF land ! It ended up in court where it was established it was the only public access and was historically proven to be a trail used by native americans and thus the court ruled it had to stay accessible to public and couldnt be blocked. The only condition was when on the trail, crossing the private land, travelers could not deviate from the trail path until crossing the NF land gates.

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