Colorado's Mountain Man & Very Smart Business Man - part 3

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Buck Conner

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Oct 20, 2015

Like said "haven't lived here two months, (my kind of place, love the side attractions). Between the neighbors, the telephone guys and the mountainman club we had our tail feathers protected.

The wife said "she never knew what was going on or was I the one starting it.." ... :rolleyes: :cheers:


Working in Ft. Collins getting home about 6PM and its dark. Closest neighbor is 1/2 mile away, have ordered (3) of the bright night lights from electric company to be installed this weekend. Anyway as we pull up to the house theres a strange car in the driveway. I'm on alert and walking to the house when this gug comes running around the side of the house and jumps in car. It's snowing pretty good so it's easy to track him, grab sawed-off shotgun and have the wife car the sheirff. I jump in the truck and start following the fresh car tracks (no one is out at this time of night, home having dinner. This bad guy turns into a field that the road (dirt and sand). I can hear his vehicle screaming trying to come back up the hill, pull our truck across the road now blocked. He finally gets to the top of the hill see's he can't get out (I'm pointing the sawed-off at his drivers window. One of my neighbors pull up to see what's going on (wife had called him). This hippy starts to give me some crap and I tell him one more word and his long hair will be in the top of the tree his car is next too. Make him and his girl friend stand out side (they don't have coats), good maybe the will freeze. Sheriff Deputy shows up and asked me what I wanted to do. I replied "lets scare the carp out of them", the Deputy checks their ID and then tells them "I hope we can get you two out of here in one piece, this guy is pissed". Now they are begging me to not shoot them (all three), tried to give me a S100 buck. Turns out they were friends of the hippy we had problems with at the beginning of this move.

I let them go and get rid of the Deputy, call my friend to make a fast run to where the hippy lives now (15 miles away). Repeat the same process this time with a cedar fence post resting in the little yellow trucks windshield again. Felt bad, liked that fence post...... o_O This was the last time we had any dealing with the hippy or his friends (I kept tabs on them as they moved from one place to another for about 5 years.

Still more happened over a 20 year period, theses were the fun times .... all within those years of living here. Good I was younger to survive it. :rolleyes: Like you say "The Wild West" ....

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