Colorado's Mountain Man & Very Smart Business Man - part 2

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Buck Conner

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Oct 20, 2015
Living in northern Colorado was interesting with all the history of what had happened in the area. When moving to Larimer County it was for the job and living on 300 acres free (family farm) (save money being spent on rent for us and a half dozen horses).

PROBLEM ONE It wasn't long when making the move that trouble started, had hippies living on the place in an old homestead and in a tipee, they were told we were moving in and gave them 2 months to move. That started a fight (long story) that we won after a summer of problems caused by them. With me taking down the leader. This young man (had a hole in his throat that he talked through), long hair and wanted to be a bad ass for his friends. Finally I put him on the ground with a sucker punch, sat on him and cut his hair then let him up. He made the mistake of swinging at me and I put several fingers in the hole in his throat (he was like a fish out of water, floppying around for a few minutes). That was the last straw for him, the group packed and left the property. I didn't know there were several of the neighbors standing by if they were needed along with a county officer. Seems the hippies were growing their "grass" in our lower pasture, sheirff was waiting for them to harvest their crop. CORRECTED

It wasn't long and we start finding blood and area where animals had been killed. Within a few weeks about 2AM I wakeup with hearing gun shots, start watching the hill across the street (our property) see flashlights coming down side of mountain. I call the the sheirff's office then head uo the mountain to cut who ever it is on our property. Catch a family of Mexican from Greeley CO. (30 miles away) with two deer. Make them sit there with their game until the sheirff gets there and they do their thing. Poaching was just one problem that had gone on for at least 20 years on this property (no-one living here)..... CORRECTED

Our neighbors (old timers that have lived here for 50 or more years) where watching what I would do when issues came to light. One of them told me to come home early during the week and watch the hill? I did this a few weeks later and catch a group of guys with a small loader, pallets, trailers and a flat bed truck on our property. They were loading moss rock and sandstone out of an old quarry on the property (tons of it). This had been going on for several years. I grabbed my Springfield 16 gauge 18 inch double barrel shotgun and headed around the hill and stopped what was going on. It took hitting one big mouth across the face to gain control of these guys (now they knew this was some serious stuff and one of them could end uo dead. I was pissed, then I hear the sound of a lever gun being loaded behind me. It's two of my neighbors acting as backup..... We have these guys move the loaded pallets with rock to a safer place that we could watch, then have them get their equipment off our property. The one with the bloody face started in giving me some crap, when his friends told him to shutup. My one neighbor told them once Buck has the rock sold you'll find your empty pallet in the ditch along the county road. Never saw them again ..... CORRECTED

The guy with the hole in his throat comes by on a Wed. night and flattens my newly painted mail box. He has a really nice '50 Ford F100 pickup that really stands out with the high gloss yellow paint, easy to spot. I straighten up the mail box and wait for that coming Wed evening. I have a friend pick me up about 9PM and we go up the road to the local store/gas station where they play pool on Wed. evenings. There's the Yellow Boy sitting with its owner inside playing games. I have Kermit drop me off around the corner and I walk back, looked in the bed of truck and find a 4X4 with silver paint (my paint from mail box). I see red and grab the 4X4 and drive it through the windshield (looked pretty resting there). Run to waiting truck and head out to Ft. Collins for a beer. Never heaed of or see this guy again... CORRECTED

Haven't lived here two months yet, looks like my kind of place, love the side attractions. Between the neighbors and the telephone guys with the mountainman club we had our tail feathers protected. The wife said "she never knew what was going on or was I the one starting it.." ... :oops: :cheers:

(continuted) Fun times Mike.

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