Bushfire Devastates Tilden Park

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Feb 8, 2018
Gentlemen, have not been here in a good while. Life took an interesting turn for me on the first of Feb this year. A bushfire that started about 20 miles to the east of my home swept through and wipe me out along with 87 other homes. No one was killed although, I should have been. Only made it out because I had my horse tied up outside the house, so had to save him. My now ex partner lost virtually all we owned, family history, antique furniture, guns saddles, tools etc. I now find at the age of 60 I am starting again from scratch.
To be honest the fire has perhaps done me personally more good than harm. I was tested, faced death, rescued my horse, my ex partner survived with the dog and parrot. It go me out of a lousy marital situation, she told me to leave the day after the fire. I am now living with my widowed mother in another state, I had been worried about how she would go after being widowed again, and she lives on a small farm. I get virtually nothing from the marital settlement, and that is fine by me, I have a good job behind me, my health and the strength and determination to rebuild. Replacement rifles and pistols have been acquired, my mate Niel Fields a rifle smith mate in Vernal Utah, suffered almost the same fate, having lost his home and gear to a fire, but not his lovely wife ! He will build me a replacement .40 Flintlock. I have a new horse and a new custom roping saddle being made, have even acquired a 1924 Chevrolet pickup ( buckboard) to get going, another passion of mine. Life is falling back into place. Hopefully a trip to the US in the next couple of years to catch up with friends and pick up my new rifle ! Things at the end of the day are just things and like us it all will perish eventually. My lovely old home, and Mike C here can verify that, is now locked as an unblemished memory, a sacrifice if you will. Life has had a major reset and its actually quite freeing. I have mourned the loss of my old life, but can now look forward to an unencumbered new one . Kiplings great poem "IF" pretty much describes my ethos. Will look forward to seeing some of you when I eventually get States Side !!Cheers Gordon. Ps friends have been utterly amazing, a ver humbling experience.


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Nov 14, 2017
Boncarbo, CO.
You my friend have just proven, that when life throws unbearable challenges at you, you have two choices, stay down and give up, or get back up and try again. I love your positive outlook.
Although, I am very sorry to see all that you have had to endure.
May you have good fortune in your future endeavors.🙂👍


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Feb 7, 2016
Glad you were not hurt. A positive attitude like yours heals a lot of ills.