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Winter Hawk

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Dec 26, 2015
That looks like a dandy! We need a full range report when you wring her out....



Jan 28, 2021
Nice. I had a .50 Wesson maybe 40 years ago. Loved it but dang was it heavy. Does yours have the false muzzle?


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Dec 31, 2015
Those are very nice rifles. Shoots great. I like that scope on the rifle. I'm curious how well the scope stays put on the gun.
I shot one of those one year in Jackson, MS at a match in the early 80's. All I had was flintlocks and they wouldn't let you shoot a flintlock in a percussion match. Go figure, handicapping myself somewhat, but their rules. I was doing pretty good in the match overall so a guy shooting next to me heard the conversation I was having with the range officers on the line. He walked over and handed me his Wesson Style .50 with a little box with round balls, patching and ramrod with guide. I never did ask him who made the rifle. He looked at the range officers and told me, you have a percussion now, kick their Azzes. His was open sight and he told me the 6-Bull target I was to shoot , hold the front sight at the Botton of the ten ring and let it go. I got one practice shot when the range went hot and hit the x. I took the whole 30 minutes allowed for this target with him giving me some loading info for 25 yards. I ended up with a 49 with 2x's. Sort of hacked the range officers since I think they were rooting for one of the locals. I drove 10 hours the day before to get to the match. I almost bought one of them that had be re-barreled to a .54 but you know how hind site is. You should have a great shooter and a good hunting rifle if you choose. I believe they are bullet proof and should last a long time.

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