320 Grain .50cal LEE REAL bullets

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May 28, 2021
Tired, tired of trying to catch a .490 or .495 round ball mold at a decent price. SO I was tripping through Dixie Gun Works, YUP OUT OF STOCK Ball molds, I did find a single Cavity LEE REAL bullet mold for .50 320 grain bullet with handles $36 shipping is included with that price. I have found 4 or so videos of the .50cal 250 round 2 on the larger .50 320 grain can anyone shed some more light? Thanks


Sep 12, 2020
Surry County, VA
I have both the 250 and the 320 R.E.A.L molds in 50 cal. The 250 shoots good in my CVA Bobcat and the 320 shot good in my previous TC Hawken, but my current Hawken is just so-so, I think the bore is just a fuzz larger on this one or the rifling lands are a touch shallower. I say that because when the rifling would engage on the old gun, it remained fairly tight after the bullet conformed to the rifling as I rammed it down, but it is really loose on the Hawken I have now. Also, the barrel has to have a 1 in 48 twist or better, because neither shoot worth a darn in my Traditions Penn Long rifle, which is 1 in 66. I have read here that some guys have really good luck with them

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