11 year old whitetail has had triplets last two years.

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John Neslen

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Feb 28, 2015
Idaho Boonies
I started hand feeding "Molly" in November of 2010 when she was a starving fawn. She has had twins every year until 2020 when she had her first set of triplets and this year she had them again. She has spent her whole life here on the ranch within sight of the house. She brought them in this morning at first light when I usually hand feed her. Like a well trained dog, she comes when I call. People have not believed it until they come and see it. I can also pet and touch "Holly" one of her offspring from four years ago plus her last years fawn "Dolly".
If we have a whitetail biologist on here I would like to know if this is common or a little on the rare side. Any thoughts?
I will try to have my wife get a picture of them when our good camera is working.

John Neslen

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