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    Zinc contamination

    Never seen a difference in finish with tin in a mixture. I used a lot of tin, mixed in with modern ammo over the years, but never saw any visible evidence of the mix. I don't know anything about zinc mixed in...
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    Zinc contamination

    Some of the wheel weights a guy can find are not lead anymore, and I can imagine someone inadvertently getting one or two of them accidently mixed up with a batch of lead in a pot.
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    Looking for sights....

    That would make a good sight setup. I am using a rear sight like that on a TC that I have set up for target work and it works great.
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    Looking for sights....

    I don't remember anymore what brand it was. I looked around for about an hour in my shop, and haven't found it yet. I had the sight and base with it. I'll keep looking for it...... It had a sort of thumbscrew on the side to tighten it up on the base, as opposed to the normal dovetail of such...
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    Looking for sights....

    I had a target type sight for that kind of base. I haven't noticed it around for some time, but I'll look through a bunch of my stuff and see if I can find it. A guy just seems to accumulate a lot of stuff over the years.
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    BP Pistol coyote hunt

    A coyote at 50 yds. would be a challenge with a pistol ! I've shot hogs before with one, but only about 30 yds. and I had a lot more body to shoot at. It is hard to find a coyote that will hold still for much of any time either !
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    Today was just for shootin, and ringing the gong.

    My paper targets are still sitting in the garage along with the rifle that needs sighted in. Weather just hasn't been cooperating. I don't have another match to shoot in until the 13th, so I still have plenty of time. I have a bunch of steel targets too, but just don't use them much with my...
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    Today was just for shootin, and ringing the gong.

    I just finished making up some paper targets to go out with me tomorrow....if the weather cooperates. I changed out the front sight on one of my TC's and need to resight it. My next club match is still about 10 days away, so hopefully this one will sight in and group good enough. Won't have to...
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    What would you guys do .....

    Us old guys just need to decide what we want to do with what's left of our lives. I am still out hunting almost daily when I probably shouldn't be...but I don't want to spend the rest of my life sitting in my recliner. I wish you the best of luck and hope things improve for you.
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    Today was just for shootin, and ringing the gong.

    I have always loved Montana country and thought hard about moving there when I retired, but after growing up in Nebraska I just couldn't face the snow like that anymore and opted for Texas instead. You are lucky to live in such an area with the guts to face the white stuff !
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    Creedmore style sight question

    I put a Green Mountain barrel on a TC Hawken and added peep sights. I put a Lyman peep on the rear, and had to replace the front with one of the TC high sights to get the point of impact low enough. I still need to sight in the new front sight, but I have high hopes. It would barely hit poi at...
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    Today was just for shootin, and ringing the gong.

    Looks like a fun day....but chilly !
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    Large amounts of fouling after each shot

    I never have fouling problems, but each of us seems to have their own way of doing things. I only use greasy type patch lubes when hunting, and this will only consist of one or two shots before coming home for cleaning. For all my other shooting, I use a small spray bottle to wet the patches...
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    I'd guess about 10 yrs in the pen is facing that fellow...
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    WIP my new CVA 35 Whelen sgl shot S/S rifle

    Really neat rifle and great caliber for many uses....just not for long range Antelope. You should really enjoy it !
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    Screw Threads sizes

    Did the brush come out ? Not any response to the suggestions for getting it done...
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    Screw Threads sizes

    The easiest way I have ever found to remove a brush from the barrel is just run another smaller brush to the bottom, and it will grip the larger one and bring it out with it. You could probably get by with a simple .30 ca rifle brush or similar.
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    Seems to me the majority of news outfits are just trying to hide and evade anything negative about the dems. There is very little concern about our country anymore from either the dems or the news.....just a lot of lies!! It will get interesting now that Hunter Biden's son's late business...
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    Assigned to California

    What a shame ! I remember Trinidad back in the 60's when I lived in Raton, and I thought it was a fun place to hangout and visit on my days off. The old buildings there almost talk to you about their history...
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    some humans have no soul

    Are the Sioux still having problems around Whiteclay ? I would guess since they shutdown the alcohol sales there, that some other source would be found.