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  1. Silent Walker

    Today was just for shootin, and ringing the gong.

    I'm in NW Montana in Kalispell, lots of National Forestry, and big timber company land here. Still having some breathing issues, but we are on the mend for sure. I'll try and get out more, making smoke is just too much fun.
  2. Silent Walker

    My newly purchased revolver

    A Remington 58 in .44 cal with 2 cylinders by Pietta made in Italy, with a price to good to pass up.
  3. Silent Walker

    Today was just for shootin, and ringing the gong.

    The last postal shoot was fun.....
  4. Silent Walker

    What's Your Favorite Sidelock?

    I figure another photo of my Lyman Great Plains Rifle doesn't hurt......
  5. Silent Walker

    Today was just for shootin, and ringing the gong.

    Headed back up there today, to shoot another postal match for The Muzzleloading Forum
  6. Silent Walker


    Yep, this stuff is crazy serious.... was put in the hospital with it back on Nov 6th... at first not responding to treatments, then things changed. I thank God, I pulled through.
  7. Silent Walker

    PRB lube Yeah, again!

    1:7 ratio
  8. Silent Walker

    Today was just for shootin, and ringing the gong.

    It was actually about 40*, so not to bad.... when it started to cool down more, it was time to wrap it up... walking away with a smile on my face.
  9. Silent Walker

    Powder Horn Explosion today

    Glad you're okay
  10. Silent Walker

    PRB lube Yeah, again!

    I recently switched from bore butter patches to Ballistal/water ie moose milk, and like it... I believe I'll stay with it since I soaked my pillow ticking strips with it. Accuracy was great with the .54 cal smokepole.
  11. Silent Walker

    I'm recovering finally ...

    Glad to see you're on the mend... I've was down with Covid-19, and had to be put in the hospital... honestly it was so bad, thought I wasn't getting out. But yet here I am, thank God too.
  12. Silent Walker

    Today was just for shootin, and ringing the gong.

    Been down sick with covid, put in the hospital and had to miss our last club shoot... so I got out today to shoot off hand at only 25 yards.... don't really need to practice beyond that, with the trail walk shoots about the same. I also shot the off hand 25 yard target for the NMLRA with a 5...
  13. Silent Walker

    Refilled my powder horn with the good stuff.

    It was time to refill the ol powder horn for the winter shoots.
  14. Silent Walker

    Where to order a Possibles bag from

    I just received my new possibles bag, from a maker in Libby MT here is a link for those...
  15. Silent Walker

    Your ramrod setup?

    I do not use my ramrod under the barrel, I have a hickory range rod that has served me well for several years now. I found it at a local shop, made just for .54 cal with a round ball jag on the end.
  16. Silent Walker

    Assigned to California

    I hear ya Muzzleloader48... take off to the outdoors every chance I get.... we are not far from the timber.
  17. Silent Walker

    Keeping firearms dry during storage

    My LGPR is stored in it's leather sleeve stored under our bed in a nice dry area... I take it out every so often just to caress and hold :D
  18. Silent Walker

    Mountain Man undies?

    Got in on this topic late... in the movie Mountain Men with Charlton Heston, Brian Keith did you spot the blooper of what Charlton Heston was wearing when he jumped into the water, when the chief was chasin him... blue boxers and not a red union suite.
  19. Silent Walker

    Large amounts of fouling after each shot

    I also get fouling no matter if I use Goex or Elephant BP.... with FFg more so, with FFFg less so.... but amount will vary depending. I've never swabbed between shots, as I figure a patch round ball will push the fouling down upon the powder I'm compressing with the PRB, so after a string of...