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  1. mark1945

    New to me Winchester model 70

    I traded for a Winchester Model 70 in 300 WSM the other day. Its a Super Shadow model made in 2005 but looks to be hardly fired.. It had a custom muzzle brake made by a friend of mine who is a machinest it has a Nikon Monarch variable scope and 6 boxes of ammo at a unreal price ,think I bought...
  2. mark1945

    .405 Winchester Brass

    Does anyone have any idea where I can locate some 405 Winchester brass . Every place I have looked is out of stock. I have found some loaded ammo but thats as a last resort I havent shot any factory ammo in many years and dont want to pay that much anyway.
  3. mark1945

    Squirrel problem

    I have a problem with Squirrels ,I live in the city so I cant shoot them .I have been trapping some but need some suggestions on bait . What i have been using worked for awhile but now no takers. They are running my bloodhounds crazy in my back yard and causing some bad dog fights when one of...
  4. mark1945

    Nickel plated Springfield 311 20 gauge

    I have a friend who inherited a Springfield 311 A 20 gauge thats nickel plated . Has anyone ever seen or heard of a factory nickel one ? His grandfather left it to him and he thinks that it was bought new that way. I have a couple of 311 12 gauges but never saw a nickel one it looks to have had...
  5. mark1945

    45 cal Lyman

    45 cal Lyman Can anyone tell me what model Lyman made that was a 45 cal ? I found one online locally that I am trying to decide if I should go and look over tomorrow . So far it sounds like a good deal but I cant remember Lyman making any 45 cal . It has a nice wooden carry case and around 10...
  6. mark1945

    Texas Draw Hunts

    Are there any fellow Texans out there who apply for any of the draw hunts? I went on 1 years ago  and finally got drawn again for 1 in December, its antlerless deer limit of 4 and unlimited exotics and unlimited hogs.Its a 3 day hunt . I was about to give up applying seems like I was never going...
  7. mark1945

    Hunting Licenses

    I just bought a old Remington Model 11 in great condition but in need of a good cleaning . Started to tear it down and removed the butt plate inside I found a set of Hunting licenses dating from 1929 thru 1943 for I assume the first owner from Oklahoma ,wish they were still same price all these...
  8. mark1945

    Traditions Crockett 32 cal Kit

    Traditions Crockett 32 cal Kit Anyone built one of the kits for the little 32 cal Crockett by Traditions. Just got started with mine so far only had a small amount of fitting to get barrel and lock in place trigger took more wood removal but its all ready to start sanding stock and finishing...
  9. mark1945

    Lyman Great Plains

    Lyman Great Plains Been wanting a Lyman Great Plains for awhile so I finally broke down and ordered a 54 flintlock kit . it came in looked well inletted etc ,got all the wood contoured and sanded ready to stain . Decided to completely assemble it first to make double sure of the fit had'nt had...
  10. mark1945

    Pedersoli Kodiak

    Anyone have a Pedersoli Kodiak side by side in 58 cal? I found one at a good price and am just looking for feedback about them .