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  1. stoney1

    Elk antler pan primer

    This primer is sold. Two Feathers
  2. stoney1

    Elk antler pan primer

    Thanks Poet. God bless: Two Feathers
  3. stoney1

    Elk antler pan primer

    Howdy folks: Two Feathers here: It's been forever since I was a regular here. Probably 5 years or more, but I'm selling if anyone is interested? I have a really nice Flintlock Pan Primer for sale. The price is $65.00 shipped in a padded envelope. This one has a forged iron staple for hanging...
  4. stoney1

    New patch knife

    Missouri Smoke pole and RonC. Thank you both for the endorsements. It means a lot to me, and for my reputation. God bless: Two Feathers
  5. stoney1

    Frizzen sizes?

    Thanks Jack I'll write these down. I got a few from Kentucky Colonel, but more is better. Stoney
  6. stoney1

    He's always exaggerating!

    Joe When this guy tells a story, "he makes no bones about it." o_O I agree with Hanshi, a waste of good whiskey!! I think he's been seeing my doctor? 🤣 Stoney
  7. stoney1

    Frizzen Hardness?

    Howdy In the 60's I used "Kasenite" case hardening compound. Not sure if you can still buy it, but it's worth looking for. It was pretty simple to use. Just basically heat the piece Red Hot, bury it in the can of compound and leave it there until it cooled. Never failed. We used it on...
  8. stoney1

    I hate cottonmouths

    Howdy For what it's worth. As a kid I raised snakes. My mom was NOT a fan of a bedroom full of the caged critters, but she got over it. Here's my $.02 We have a bunch of Timber Rattlers and Copperheads here in Pennsylvania. Timber rattlers are, timid, but dangerous and lethal if you mess with...
  9. stoney1

    Linen Patching?

    Sgt recoil/ Frontier Gander As a machinist, I agree, but if you can get your hands on a pair of cheap dial Calipers, those will get you close enough. There are a few at Harbor Freight. I use B&S and Starrett, but Mitutoyo will work I'm sure there are some inexpensive ones on eBay. I believe that...
  10. stoney1

    original gun stock finish

    Hey Pete You can get boiled Linseed Oil or BLO at any hardware store. I get mine for my knife handles,and powder horn caps, from Ace TruValue and Lowes. Just thought I'd throw in my $.02 How ya' been buddy? Stoney
  11. stoney1

    Two Feathers Frizzen Covers

    Mr. Boone: You sir; are very welcome. To me anyone younger than myself is a young un, and Pete. I wouldn't mind being 60 again either except for the nastiness of that stroke.  :shock: Stoney1
  12. stoney1

    Two Feathers Frizzen Covers

    Good point Pete, never gave that a thought. See what I mean about edumacatin' these young ens' You informed Mr. Boone (and others I'm sure) about a possible calamity. Thank you buddy. God bless: Stoney1
  13. stoney1

    Two Feathers Frizzen Covers

    Hello guys, and welcome to the forum, R. Boone If I may add my $.02? I'm the guy who makes these. I'm sure I'll get a 100 posts over this, so up front, "I'm sorry if I over explain this" Most hunters (with flint locks) prefer to load their rifles and pistols before going into the woods...
  14. stoney1

    My Small Knife Collection - Nothing Special

    I see that you still have that Baby?? I'm glad it's working for you. Dave
  15. stoney1

    Successful hunt

    Congrats buddy, BEAUTIFUL animal. Great rifle. You should be proud. God bless: Stoney
  16. stoney1

    Giving glory to God

    Thanks Pete That would have been much easier??? But my luck doesn't run like that, even with HIS help!! Man...these doggone "Floaters" are killing me!! They went from being little dots to what looks like strings of lint hanging off of my face? I'm constantly trying to wipe them away? Not sure...
  17. stoney1

    Giving glory to God

    bronko 22000 Howdy. I've been a Christian my entire life. A Lutheran until my marriage 50 years ago. Then I became a United Methodist. I'm a Deacon in my church, the chair of the board of Trustees and our Finance Committee. I don't want to sound egotistical, the Lord hates a braggart. I've...
  18. stoney1

    Sharpening Your Knife

    bronko22000 At the point of having a "wire edge" (burr) that's when the leather strop needs to come out I use a 4 stone Lansky sharpening system. I've used it since the 70's or 80's, whenever they came out? My wife bought it for me as a Christmas gift. When I set up at a show I endorse Lansky. I...
  19. stoney1

    Newbe question

    Now that's unique??? I didn't know about the business thing? Fortunately I no longer tie flies or fly fish. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll have to look from now on. Stoney