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    Legal under federal law

    There was a post from DOJ that claimed there were 45,000 ghost guns confiscated last year that were used in crimes. BS!
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    Veteran Roll Call

    We've heard every Military Intelligence joke ever thought of. 3 times stationed at Huachuca, last one when I retired. Military Intelligence; an oxymoron. Sometimes that was true!
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    Hot Sauce

    I guess he should give He ought to try a tiny drop of REGRET. It's rated at 12 MILLION Scovilles!! My two boys challenged each other in The Hot Sauce Challenge using the Carolina Reaper that is ONLY 350,000 Scovilles. Using the end of a toothpick they both "lit the fire", the result being...
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    Well written! Unfortunately, nothing will become of the corruption in our voting system, just like nothing will become of Biden's corrupt dealings with Russia and China.
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    Assigned to California

    Actually, CA has had border checks for at least 75 years. It's hold over from CA's agricultural days, mainly citrus. The check station at Yermo on I-15 is just that , an agriculture check point, but they also monitor livestock. l left CA over 20 years ago, but at that time the ag check...
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    Stickbow shooters?

    I still have the Ben Pearson fiberglass take down bow I bought in 1958. Still love archery and have three compounds.
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    Venting about the Police Situation

    That is one of the objectives of Antifa/BLM, Democrats. Make the environment impossible to do effective police work and make the new "system" so fraught with potential liability for officers that nobody of quality will sign up. One result: low quality PO's, thus stoking the fires of police...
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    What is in the days ahead

    The reason so many appear to be cynical is because we have been fed so much BS over the years. It's very difficult, and in some cases impossible, to separate fact from fiction. Moreover, to say "total disdain for science" is a bit of an exaggeration.
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    Traditions St.Louis Hawken Build

    Your wood/metal skills are highly commendable, and your ability to write clear, concise instructions, very remarkable. I'm inspired!