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  1. wganz

    Getting started

    Something like the short tanto Kabar I already have. It has 5.25" blade & 9.375" overall. Which, in MY OPINION, about optimum for a knife that is big enough to do stuffs with but small enough to always be with you to do stuffs with. Versus all the foot long heavy bladed 'Bowie' knives that...
  2. wganz

    Getting started

    Thanks, my father had gotten a 5' diameter sawmill blade never got to make blades from it. Now, I'll give it a go.
  3. wganz


    Welcome from The Big D in Tejas! 8-)
  4. wganz

    A Large Piggie

    Pig is living too well! Got a bigger pot gut than I do. Needs more perforated porcine pictures!
  5. wganz

    Where to get scrimshaw from hunting horn to powder horn.

    There is a place right up the road from me that has 'powder horn kits'. Crazy Crow Trading Post in Pottsboro, TX and its not too far from where I got my RN degree. Shouldn't be that bad of a day trip to go see.
  6. wganz

    Where to get scrimshaw from hunting horn to powder horn.

    Got a new flashlight and the 'bright' idea of sticking inside the horn to illuminate it better. Here are some pix:
  7. wganz

    Where to get scrimshaw from hunting horn to powder horn.

    Got some 3" PVC pipe left over from a HAM radio antenna that would ideal since its already paid for and it's curved. Gonna give it a go.
  8. wganz

    Hello from Northeast OK!

    Welcome from Texas! ;)
  9. wganz

    Where to get scrimshaw from hunting horn to powder horn.

    Got a hunting horn that has been in the family for multiple generations. Somewhere along the line, there were leaves, a deer, and a map scrimshawed into it. Most are fading and will try to get better pix later this week. I have a powder horn that was made by a friend in the early 1980's that...
  10. wganz

    Another hog

    Dead feral hog == good hog Good shoot, hope you get some more.
  11. wganz

    Good day casting until this...

    Thanks for the tip on using sawdust. Got some ingots of lead (separated by shape into a different pile) that when cast into .38 spl bullets. Darnedest stuff, they would just fragment/break up when they hit the steel plate. Other cast bullets actually splat into lead pancakes. Smells different...
  12. wganz

    Thanks for the add

    Hello from Texas!
  13. wganz

    Can't find #11 caps?

    here are some listed CCI™ #11 Percussion Caps (100 to 5000 Caps) - 311
  14. wganz

    More Pigs

    ¿Now do you see why I'm getting a Navy Arms "Buffalo Hunter" .58"(aka sporterized Zouave) to take with me when I go to the back of the farm? My high school friend busted one that was about 300 - 325 in the heart/lung area twice with a .300 Win Mag with 150 grain bullets. When he went back to the...
  15. wganz

    Traditions St.Louis Hawken Build

    Great job and better write up. Inspiring
  16. wganz

    Flintlock Blunderbuss - Need dimensions

    I am going to start my winter build it season with a Traditions Flintlock Bunderbuss kit. It will be primarily a test bed to get my kit building skills back up. Being both practical and a tightwad, don't want to leave a $389 kit + tools + time just sitting there since a blunderbuss is totally...
  17. wganz

    Black Powder distributors for Schuetzen Powder - Yes, there is one in Arkansas

    Apologies to the fellow member for forgetting your name but you had posted that you could not get Black Powder in Arkansas. This set off bells in my COVID boosted brain fogged mind that I had seen an Arkansas distributor listed. So, I hope you see this and are able to get some powder. Linkage...
  18. wganz

    My Traditions Kentucky

    Nice build.
  19. wganz

    More Pigs

    Here is an 853# boar taken on the back 40 of my farm.
  20. wganz

    Rejected on a Standard Ammunition Eligibility Check

    All I can offer is check with the PRC authorities and see what is required to rectify the situation.