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    Getting started

    Are you looking to forge some knife blades or finish ones already cut out? Check out these places;
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    Old muzzleloader bullets

    In the end, do what works for you. Experimentation is something I quite enjoy and helps me to better immerse myself in the history of it all.
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    Old muzzleloader bullets

    You could just melt them down and cast them into new bullets. 😉 Seriously though, I was in the same situation and I got a small, shallow pan in which I melted beeswax, Wonder lube and olive oil. Use only very mild heat; barely more than lukewarm! The level of the lube in the pan should be just...
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    Patched Ball Shooters

    A combination I have used for a number of years with great results.
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    Black Powder VS Pyrodex

    Squint, I wish you luck but it's gotten the moniker of Schlocky's Gold for a reason as it's usually at the bottom of the list for substitute powders. If it works for you then great, please post your results as we're all ready to learn. Perhaps they've changed the formula in the past 15 years or...
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    Black Powder VS Pyrodex

    Another two sense from me. 😉 I tried Pyrodex pellets in my Remingtons because they have a hole on the middle, so the flame from cap will ignite it completely and burn inside to out, or so they say. Think in line. Anyway, since the ripples on a percussion cylinder are in the middle at the rear I...
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    Black Powder VS Pyrodex

    I've tried substitutes in my caplock rifles and 1858 Remingtons, both Pyrodex and Triple 7 and I believed all the rumors and hear say about real black powder being messy, hard to find, needs special cleanup, etc. In my experience, none of that turned out to be true. Traditional black such as...
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    90 gr 2F Triple 7 equal to ?3F in volume

    I've never tried using wads when shooting patched round ball but I've always gotten great accuracy with the load I worked up in my .54. I did have a GPH barrel mounted on a Cabelas Hansen stock a few years ago and no matter which type of conical bullet I tried, accuracy always improved...
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    90 gr 2F Triple 7 equal to ?3F in volume

    I would start with 75 grains of 3f T-7 and see if you get good accuracy. Go up in five grain increments if accuracy isn't what you want it to be but don't exceed the maximum. Triple 7 burns hotter than traditional black powder so that may have some effect on your choice of patch material and...
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    New coffee pot

    Westminster Forge does indeed have a corn boiler available. Also, Backwoods tin & copper has some items. Backwoods tin & Copper, LLC Copper Boilers Muckets Coffee Pots Reflector Ovens Insulated Mugs There are a lot fewer places that offer...
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    1st Possibles pouch kit

    Nice bag.
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    Snail Capper Problems

    I've had that problem too but just turned the.caps to the correct position and made sure.the capper was fully closed and the.spring loaded feeder was working to only push out one cap at a time.
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    Dutch Holster Pistol

    That is a gorgeous piece of history.
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    Black Powder
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    .50 cal & Triple7 FFF

    Good advice. Keep in mind that T-7 burns hotter and has more energy than traditional black powder so when comparing the two you need to reduce the volume of 3f T-7 by 15% and 2f by 10%. If your most accurate load with black is 75 grains then use 63.75 (64 grains of 3f Triple 7). You will of...
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    Caught Some Hogs

    Sausage time!
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    Hello from Missouri

    Chosen man, eh?
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    Muzzleloading Season

    It is nice living in a target rich environment where more whitetails are taken than some states have in them.
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    What the heck?

    Same here. Neither of those 2 AV programs kept hackers from cleaning out my savings account nor did they prevent fraud from happening to my paypal account, which was linked to my checking account and being emptied $20 at a time from a Starbucks 8n the UK. Not one problem with my current AV company.
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    1st Possibles pouch kit

    Plus, use of suede in places and for items where top grain cow hide or deerskin is traditional just makes for a farby look. By that I mean showing up wearing clothing or carrying accoutrements that existed only on a Hollywood set because the folks in wardrobe don't know any better. For instance...