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    Antique Drill Press

    I gave $10 for mine approximately 35 years ago and mounted it to my own homemade stand. I had 2 and gave one to my uncle. This one is designed to use a v belt or by hand crank. To have the drill bit to go down you can either turn gear at top by hand or set the lever and will advance 1,2 or 3...
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    First 200 yard attempt

    I know this is not muzzleloading but I'm only using it as an illustration. I've read a lot Elmer Keith's writings and like many, I scoffed at his 5-600 yard shots. Well one week when all the shooters at muzzleloader league got done shooting 200 yards a friend asked if I would like to try his 45...
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    First 200 yard attempt

    How true Lewis, I don't have access to real long range areas but have done a lot of shooting at the 200 - 250 yard range. It sure builds confidence for those lesser ranges.
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    45 cal 1 in 28 twist

    The brown Sabot is for 45 Caliber and the Blue is 50 Caliber. When I had Mountain Molds make me the Mould I had the 1-28 twist in mind and I've shot them in both 45 & 50 Caliber muzzleloaders equally well out to 175 yards. Mountain Molds no longer offers to make smooth sided Moulds but I've...
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    45 cal 1 in 28 twist

    MMP sabot with home cast 225 grain bullet. Also had excellent results using the Lyman 403169 240 grain bullet in fact my longest deer kill @150 yards using this bullet with MMP sabot.
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    Conical bullet for smooth bore rifle.

    I think the Lee 50-360 Minie bullet would be worth trying.
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    Bought another T/C Hawken

    Re: Bought another T/C Hawken The Elite has a stainless tang and stainless barrel , the stock has neither a patch box or medallion. The Cougar has a blue barrel and tang and the stock has the Cougar medallion.
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    The “Business Rifle”

    Green Mountain made a small batch of these muzzleloader barrels about 12-15 years ago. I remember when they were offering them and considered buying one but didn't.
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    45 cal Lyman

    Re: 45 cal Lyman Not the best picture but you can see it has a shorter barrel than a Great Plains and only 1 wedge pin, no mention of barrel twist.
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    45 cal Lyman

    Re: 45 cal Lyman
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    Picked up a .45

    I too am a big fan of the faster twist 45 calibers. Lyman 457193 proved to be very effective in a 45 Omega which also had a 1-28" twist.
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    which alcohol

    Nice tip Lewis, I often stock up on Heet (dry gas) when it's on sale to prevent any fuel line freeze ups.