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    Hot dmaned...a new federal holiday...LOL

    This guy has Juneteenth right.


    That is correct, give 2.99 a month to help keep this going. Less than most cups of coffee.

    New coffee pot

    Really cool

    Some items I've made

    Great start

    1st Possibles pouch kit

    In a previous life I used neatsfoot oil on harness racing gear. Wasn't sure if it was top of list still. Thanks

    Cva big bore mountain .54 cal kit

    Kit current or old? CVA still back quality control?

    My T/C With Hawken With Rice Barrel

    In 1984 when I made my first tc hawken I bought a browning agent at the gun shop worked great. Bichloride of mercury. Can't get it now except from chemical companies. Gonna try and see how the current stuff compares.

    Cva big bore mountain .54 cal kit

    I personally finish stock and barrel separately assuming all fitting is complete. That way I can do hand rubbed Truoil as the barrel rust blues or browns. When each is done to satisfaction they are married and taken to the range. 🙂

    1st Possibles pouch kit

    Looks good. What will you use to protect the leather?

    Cva big bore mountain .54 cal kit

    Quality seems a bit low with breach plug not installed properly and missing parts. Kits are the best they day you shoot what came out of a box.

    Moose Milk

    Between shot wipes, windshield washer fluid is great, and doesn't freeze in winter.

    More Pesky Pigs

    What is the hanging trash can with the attachment on the bottom for? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

    Where do you purchase supplies?

    Yes they had new TC redesigned style flint cocks

    Thoughts or suggestions sought on a refinish.

    Looks fine, as in proud to own.

    Dulling a shiny barrel

    Vinegar will remove bluing.

    GOEX Olde Eynsford 2-F

    Graff and sons delivers min 4lbs and needs signature which is a pain for those that work during the day.

    New Ban in Canada for firearms anything over 20mm.

    Oh, so it is the the gun that does the harm, not the loser shooting it. So you trash a class of guns and the lovers won't choose another weapon, they will just stay home and watch CBC comedies. Idiocy.

    I am Picking Your brains

    Yup, some prices fair some not so much

    "Curing" a black powder barrel?

    Barrels are not cast iron, they are steel.

    "Curing" a black powder barrel?

    I coat my barrel after cleaning and steaming the TC breech with Frontier's patch lube and anti rust. Since started that no orange patches ether. 🙂