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  1. Hanshi

    Handguns for Small Game!

    We've done deer so let's get on to little critters; I'll go first. 1. S&W .22LR M17. 2. S&W .38 spl M14. 3. BlackHawk .45 Colt. 4. MKI .22LR Bull Barrel. 5. Colt Combat Commander .45. 6. S&W 1955 .45 acp. 7. H.S. "Victor" .22LR. 8. S&W M15 .38 spl. 9. S&W M18 .22LR...
  2. Hanshi

    Handguns and deer

    I use to hunt deer regularly with various wheel guns; I was a much better shot back then and had good eyes. always used stock revolvers and open sights. Longest kill was a 90 yard buck with a .44 mag. Here are just two of them.
  3. Hanshi

    How about handguns

    It's really tough to answer when someone asks you "what's your favorite pistol, revolver, etc. I always have to hedge my reply by saying "depends on favorite for what?" With that in mind lets talk about cf sidearms. What's your favorite for various jobs or just plain favorite(s). I'll putt...
  4. Hanshi

    Favorite Modern long guns - a continuation of the Traditional thread.

    Okay, just like the sidelock thread let's do the same for our smokeless "chillun"
  5. Hanshi

    What's Your Favorite Sidelock?

    I admit it, I'm overly fond of these type threads especially on guns. I never tire or them simply because I just love talking guns. I also like reading/hearing what others say about their stable of MLs. With this in mind haw about talking about some of them (including your favorite(s). Post...
  6. Hanshi

    "Packin' Rifle

    I've long considered my Win. M94 30/30 "Trapper" to be THE rifle I'd take with me on any wilderness journey (lasting, say, a few weeks to a few months). It is not my favorite modern rifle. However the 16" barrel, light weight, ubiquitous & effective caliber along with excellent accuracy makes...
  7. Hanshi

    Here or Not?

    I've seen quite a few photos, all taken prior to WWII, of hunters in the southwest with one or more jaguars (the cat, not the car) displayed. If what I've often read is indeed true these cats averaged larger in the SW states than farther south into Mexico. Regardless, they are the third...
  8. Hanshi

    What's Your Favorite?

    The talk about water has me kinda thirsty. So let's talk about this. What is you favorite(s) in the following categories; be a specific, wordy, etc, as you want? WHISKEY: ALL DISTILLED BEVERAGES WINE: DOMESTIC OR IMPORTED BEER/ALE: BREWED BEVERAGES OTHER ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: WHATEVER...
  9. Hanshi

    Show your squirrel rifle/gun.

    I haven't noticed this subject being brought up so I thought I'd get the ball rolling. What is your favorite squirrel rifle? Why? Be detailed and as "wordy" as you like. And DO post photos. If you have more than one, post 'em all. I'll start it off. This has been my top squirrel rifle for...
  10. Hanshi

    Caliber Preferences?

    I've killed deer with a HUGE variety of cartridges/calibers, both rifle and revolver. I've extensively used heavy 45/70 handloads and .338 Win mag handloads at the top end and the .22 Hornet at the lower. In the middle I've used many including the .350 Rem mag, 30/06, .308, .243, 6mm and on...
  11. Hanshi

    Modern reloads with BP

    I've had fun over the years loading .45 Colt, .38spl and .357 mag with black powder for use in modern revolvers.  The .357 is especially an eye opener.  I load the cases with 21 grains of 3F while the .38spl gets 19 or 20 grains and the .45 Colt about about 35 to near 40 grains.  I shoot the...
  12. Hanshi

    Powder Test

    Has anyone done a serious test of powders, say, Goex, OE, Swiss and Graf's.  By serious I mean velocity, accuracy, load levels, etc.  Please, don't just post published data.  I've only used four, Dupont, Goex, Elephant and Jack's Battle Powder.  I have no major complaints about any of those. ...
  13. Hanshi

    Pistol and Revolvers, OH MY!

    I want to eventually get a '62 Colt Pocket Police mostly as a woods carry gun while hunting; great for those "coup de grace" shots.  Right now I only have one pistol, a very nice flintlock.  Weight isn't bad but length and bulk make it a chore for a squirt like me to pack; even though I have a...
  14. Hanshi

    Unsupported shot targets

    Eight shots at 50 yards with bare ball loads in my .62 smoothbore.  This will take deer. 5 shots at 44 yards with my .36 flinter 3/4".  the other holes were from sighting in and moving the rear sight. Lord know how many shots from a rifle (can't remember which one) at, I believe, 25 yards...
  15. Hanshi

    Rifle Sight Problems

    I've been busy working up a load AND sighting in my Tn .32 flinter.  It now appears that in order to get the sights centered will require filing down the front sight completely - which is no option; I mean down to the dovetail base.  The only solution I see is to modify the rear so that it, in...
  16. Hanshi

    Pistol Uses and Potentials

    I've had this pistol for years, have shot it and like it.  It's a .50 flinter and a real handful.  This pistol is very accurate and I have fired loads from 30grns 3F up to 50grns 3F but have never chronographed it.  Despite the size it can kick impressively with the higher loads.  So far, except...
  17. Hanshi

    The Big and The Small

    In the process of whittling down my firearms safe, the last two acquisitions (rifles) over the past few years pretty much bracket the hunting I like to do.  For me there are available two big game animals: whitetail deer and black bear.  I haven't had the opportunity to hunt elk here, but I...
  18. Hanshi

    My one and only pic

    Wow!  deer, hogs, elk and moose; I can't touch that.  Biggest thing I ever shot was a whitetail buck.  I never seemed to have a camera with me when I'm hunting and only fairly recently got access to a digital one; I don't know how to post the few prints I took in the past.  I did get this one...
  19. Hanshi

    I Still Like "Modern" Guns Too

    I Still Like "Modern" Guns Too Although I rarely shoot anything except muzzleloaders, I have long experience with smokeless cartridge firearms.  I don't hunt with them any longer but I do still reload and enjoy shooting them.  The .250/3000 is my hands down favorite and I own a Savage M99 and...