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    45 cal 1 in 28 twist

    they are cast from Accurate Molds' 44-390. It's a custom mold that I had finished to a diameter of .445". After paper patching they should come out at .451". If you plan on getting one don't expect it overnight. Its custom made and it took about 10 weeks to get mine. But IMO its worth the wait.
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    45 cal 1 in 28 twist

    I have two .45 caliber muzzys. One is a T/C Hawken stock and hardware with a GM LRH 1:30 twist and the other is a T/C Encore Pro Hunter. The Encore I haven't shot yet and plan to when I get back up north in May. The target below was fired at 50 yards with open sights from the GM barrel using...
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    Ypu have any advice

    Anyone from the Dent's Run / Hicks Run area of PA have any locations for me to start scouting for elk? I've been fortunate enough to draw an anterless tag for zone 3. I am heading up there Monday to look around and also a few other times. I seen there are a few food plots along the ridge lines...
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    New Ban in Canada for firearms anything over 20mm.

    You know 20mm when converted to inches is .787" ! That would be fine with me. I can still use anything I own even my big old .58s
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    Encore 209 x 50

    I have an Encore Pro Hunter pistol in .243 Win. About 3 or 4 weeks ago I came across a guy selling a 209 x 50 barrel with forearm and stock for $200. Man I couldn't pass up that deal could I? Bore is perfect as well as the exterior. I can't wait to shoot it. I'm currently waiting on a set of...
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    Living a happier life

    A few years ago, I'd say about 6 I started going back to church and renewing my faith in the Lord. The past 2 years I've really been getting into reading the Bible and before this pandemic started I was going to church 4 times a week. My knowledge in God/Christ has vastly improved. My life has...
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    I Ordered The CVA Optima V2 LR 28" Nitride Treated 50 Cal

    I have an Accura V2 and if your rifles are like mine you should give Barnes 290 gr TEZs a try. They shoot really well. Another good less expensive option is 300 gr Hornady XTPs or Speeer Gold Dots (if you can find them). I use the XTPs as well in the .429" version with Harvester green crush...
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    CVA Accura V2

    A lot of muzzleloader shooters put this rifle down. Some in so far as call it a POS. But for the life of me I don't understand why. Maybe its because they complain of a little blow by on the primer? I've had mine for a couple years now and as I recall I fired 7 shots at game and harvested 6...
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    bullet lube

    thanks guys. One thing I've found that's good for melting beeswax. I picked up a cheese grater at The Dollar Tree and grated my beeswax then put it into a plastic ziplock bag. It melts much faster than cutting chunks off. And you can get accurate weights easily for lube recipes.
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    .45 Hawken GM-LRH

    Took this rifle out last week to sight it in for the early ML season here in PA. I was able to anchor a nice doe with it at 75 yards a couple days ago. this rifle can really shoot 392 gr 11mm bullets paper patched and launched with 80 gr of Goex FFFg and a felt over wad. Upper hole is not part...
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    bullet lube

    I'm trying to find a good recipe for a bullet lube for conical bullets with lube grooves. Note" bullets would be lubed using the pan lube method.
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    .45 Cal Green Mountain LRH (Jacketed Sabotless Test)

    Lewis after reading this thread I took some of my 300 gr Sierra SP out that were supposed to be .4515" but they pretty much fell down the bore or my GM LRH 1:30 .45 cal. I still managed to get a 1 5/8" five shot group at 50 yards. But I had the post insert in my globe sight which I prefer for...
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    Giving glory to God

    This may be a touchy subject but whatever.  For as long as I can remember I've been a believer in Christ thanks to my mother. But these last couple years I've gotten closer and closer to Him. About 2 years ago I started reading the Bible, a couple chapters a night.  And about a year ago I began...
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    Should Have Listened

    Why not get a buddy to go with you.  Squirrel hunting isn't that strenuous.  Explain to your doctor that you will have a higher chance of getting hurt bowling. I love squirrel hunting. It helps me hone my skills for deer.  Problem is here in PA they reintroduced fishers and these critters have...
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    Sharpening Your Knife

    I have one of those Worksharp sharpeners but use it ONLY for the kitchen knives. My hunting knives do not go near that.  I've used a Lansky system very similar to the system Lewis uses but that is only on a new or very dull knife (like one a friend gives me to sharpen). I normally just have to...
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    Winchester model 70 left hand

    I hear ya. I shot a 460 Weatherby Mag one time off hand. I held that sucker tight against my shoulder relaxed my lower back and squeezed the trigger. That beast rotated my upper body 90* from the target. I was aiming at a steel plate at the 200 yard range and it hit the plate so hard it busted...
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    Winchester model 70 left hand

    Pete I had a chance many years ago to buy one in 375 H&H but was out of work at the time and couldn't spare the cash. That rifle would also have been worth a bundle right now.
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    Winchester model 70 left hand

    I can't seem to post pics here Says I exceeded my storage space!! And the pics are only 135 Kb
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    Winchester model 70 left hand

    Finally my long wait and search for a LH model 70 really paid off big time.  I saw one on Proxibid in 270WSM.  Not my first choice of chamberings but what the heck, for $400 I put in the opening bid.(I would have much preferred it to be a .270 Win). Whagt caught my eye was the beautiful wood in...
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    Some Range time yesterday

    Was able to copy and paste here.