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  1. gemihur

    powerbelt help

    I concur Powerbelts shatter and bloodtrail are not guaranteed Full bore lead bullets will give you TWO holes
  2. gemihur

    Plunger guns vs break opens

    I like 'em both. Started with sidelocks Graduated to plungers But use a break action mostly 'cause it reminds me of my contenders. Have never found any shortcomings with any of them.
  3. gemihur

    First with the .17

    We can be open minded, tho. Always nice to see someone's victory. inspiring
  4. gemihur

    Thinking of this rifle????

    Mine is a caplock not flint but shoots to point of aim reliably to about 70-75 yards using PRB and 70 gr. Goex. 1:66" twist Bbl I've had it for nearly 40 years.
  5. gemihur

    Handguns and deer

    the angle of the pillar was changed for the G2 that could result in a different 'feel' of recoil I cannot attest to it, having never fired a G2 but I take a lot of recoil with my contender and 14" SSK 444 Marlin barrel and it feels stout yet manageable a masochist
  6. gemihur

    Handguns and deer

    Some of my pistol barrels are used as carbines with the addition of permanent brakes. The 358x444 Improved is also referred to as the 358 Alpo. Yes it's the 444 Marlin necked down using shortened 35 Whelen Imp dies. Similar to a JDJ but with an Ackley shoulder. Fits right in with my 375 JDJ, 7mm...
  7. gemihur

    Handguns and deer

    That is some fine shootin', valkyrie I commend you Them nickle brass are awful purty, too! Thanks, man! Along those lines of chambering, I too had a stainless 35 Rem barrel and with far too much investment added a brake for carbine use and rechamber to .358x444 improved. Wow, what a bear!
  8. gemihur

    Handguns and deer

    I still appreciate a little recoil. I s'pose I'll grow up one day Thanks, Mossy
  9. gemihur

    Handguns and deer

    A contender can handle a good bit more than I can. The brakes help but not enough to matter. I prefer an uninterrupted pressure curve to the muzzle. Furniture design that considers footprint of backthrust and grip features definitely makes a difference.
  10. gemihur

    My powder horns

    You've got an artist's eye Things of beauty!
  11. gemihur

    Large amounts of fouling after each shot

    My first choice would be a T C Scout ... but that's just me. More traditional choices might be a black powder revolver like an Pietta 1858, Lyman and Traditions make good products also.
  12. gemihur

    Large amounts of fouling after each shot

    this probably needs to bee in modern category... I've got a variety of muzzleloaders yet insist on using the least of them on field use, perhaps saving the best for last. My go-to has a bore that looks like 9 miles of bad road but shoots accurately without fail. Using discontinued 270 gr...
  13. gemihur

    Handguns and deer

    I long for a S&W 686.
  14. gemihur

    Handguns and deer

    Now to accommodate a carry system 14" bbl in 6x223
  15. gemihur

    Handguns and deer

    It's great to see some of the guys still hunt with pistols, at least occasionally. .
  16. gemihur


    It was a 'gas' Absolutely loved it! Thanks, man Brought me back to the good old days
  17. gemihur

    TC Scout .50 Cal Pistol

    I like them all regardless of where the lock is found. But I do have an appreciation for the authenticity of the mechanism!
  18. gemihur

    CVA Hawken 50cal. Question

    Thank your lucky stars it's not a Gonic😣
  19. gemihur

    My New Hawken

    a sweet piece of history there Thanks
  20. gemihur

    Becareful when buying muzzleloader parts on Ebay.

    Absolutely the most uninformed sellers anywhere are the contributors to the site. No way to build a rapport, buy from guys you know. Don't be disappointed or get burned.