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    Tc Renegade

    Found 2 Tc Renegades 1 in 50 the other in 54 cal at local gun shop. Both in good condition for $250, probably out the door at $200. Sound like a good deal?
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    Lyman Mustangs on sale
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    Tc Scout 54 Cal.

    Looking to maybye have my dads 54 Tc scout barrel re lined. Anyone know who may be able to do this? Not in a hurry, probably after the first of the year. Or would I be better off trying to find a new barrel? Thanks!
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    Cva Hawken

    There is a 54 Caliber CVA Hawken at one of my local pawn shops for sale for $250. The bore is in excellent shape and appears to be only shot a few times. Just wondering what I should offer for it, I don't know what they normally go for. Can not believe how good of shape it is in compared to the...