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    Ypu have any advice

    Anyone from the Dent's Run / Hicks Run area of PA have any locations for me to start scouting for elk? I've been fortunate enough to draw an anterless tag for zone 3. I am heading up there Monday to look around and also a few other times. I seen there are a few food plots along the ridge lines...
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    Encore 209 x 50

    I have an Encore Pro Hunter pistol in .243 Win. About 3 or 4 weeks ago I came across a guy selling a 209 x 50 barrel with forearm and stock for $200. Man I couldn't pass up that deal could I? Bore is perfect as well as the exterior. I can't wait to shoot it. I'm currently waiting on a set of...
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    Living a happier life

    A few years ago, I'd say about 6 I started going back to church and renewing my faith in the Lord. The past 2 years I've really been getting into reading the Bible and before this pandemic started I was going to church 4 times a week. My knowledge in God/Christ has vastly improved. My life has...
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    CVA Accura V2

    A lot of muzzleloader shooters put this rifle down. Some in so far as call it a POS. But for the life of me I don't understand why. Maybe its because they complain of a little blow by on the primer? I've had mine for a couple years now and as I recall I fired 7 shots at game and harvested 6...
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    .45 Hawken GM-LRH

    Took this rifle out last week to sight it in for the early ML season here in PA. I was able to anchor a nice doe with it at 75 yards a couple days ago. this rifle can really shoot 392 gr 11mm bullets paper patched and launched with 80 gr of Goex FFFg and a felt over wad. Upper hole is not part...
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    bullet lube

    I'm trying to find a good recipe for a bullet lube for conical bullets with lube grooves. Note" bullets would be lubed using the pan lube method.
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    Giving glory to God

    This may be a touchy subject but whatever.  For as long as I can remember I've been a believer in Christ thanks to my mother. But these last couple years I've gotten closer and closer to Him. About 2 years ago I started reading the Bible, a couple chapters a night.  And about a year ago I began...
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    Winchester model 70 left hand

    Finally my long wait and search for a LH model 70 really paid off big time.  I saw one on Proxibid in 270WSM.  Not my first choice of chamberings but what the heck, for $400 I put in the opening bid.(I would have much preferred it to be a .270 Win). Whagt caught my eye was the beautiful wood in...
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    Some Range time yesterday

    Finally got to do some shooting today. I was playing with my cast bullets (cast at .457") sizing them and shooting them at .451" and .452" earlier with mixed results. So I ordered a .454" sizing die and got it the other day. I had some cast and lubed waiting for the die so after sizing took them...
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    Frontier's Shoot Out

    I used this product before with good results but I was about to put it to a real test. I got a T/C Impact online about a month ago on an online auction. The exterior looked really nice but when I received it and removed the breech plug you couldn't even see the rifling because of the rust!. It...
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    T/C Impact

    Gentlemen (and Ladies?) I just won an auction for a used Impact in great shape.  I know nothing about them as far as rate of twist or even how to break it down for cleaning.  But I'll figure that out when I get it.  My question is what do you Impact owners shoot out of yours?  Mostly what...
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    .58 cal Target

    This is the target I shot with my .58 flinter that I plan on using for the PA primitive season opening up after Christmas.  If I miss it won't be the rifle's fault.
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    Frontier Anti-rust patch lube

    Frontier Anti-rust patch lube OK Jon I'm giving your product a test. I hope it lives up to what you say it does.  I've been using it as a patch lube for my Pedersoli Frontier Rifle. So after giving it a good cleaning today I applied it to the bore as a protectant/rust inhibitor. And since I...
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    Lee 90373 mold

    I got a Lee 90373 mold (.457" 340 gr) this week and cast some bullets with it for my .45 cal GM 1:30 twist barrel.  The mold casts a flat point bullet to .457" and a weight average of 358 gr of pure lead.  After cooling I pan lubed them with a homemade lube of 45% beeswax, 45% Crisco and 10%...
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    How do you resharpen your flints?

    In my possibles bag I carry a small (6P-8P) nail which I had ground the point end flat then put in a vise with about 1/8" sticking out. I then take a file and put a bit of a step on the end of the nail about 1/16" of a bit more.  This step is placed on the edge of the flint and tapped with your...
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    How do you reharden a frizzen?

    I know frizzens wear and lose their spark after a while (like some of us old fogies) so how do you go about getting the surface hard enough to throw a spark again?
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    Pedersoli 1874 Sharps

    I had this rifle for a couple years and kept playing with it off and on trying to find a load that was accurate enough for my taste. Well I think I finally found one.  This load uses Star Line brass, IMR4064 powder (49.0 gr), CCI 200 primer and a home cast 405 gr paper patched bullet. (bullet...
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    A .58 by Bob Hoyt

    I had Bob make me a .58 cal flintlock barrel for my Renegade a few months ago and after getting it sighted in earlier this year I finally got the time to try a couple loads in it to see how it shoots. I shot at 50 yards using 80, 90, and 100 gr charges of Goex FFg with a .570" home cast ball and...
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    Fine tuing my .54 PRB shooter

    Earlier this year I had Mr. Hoyt make me a 32" .54 caliber flintlock barrel for my curly maple stock. I previously sighted it in but was concerned that the rear sight was too high so I took the front sight off and installed a lower one. I took a guess and lowered the rear sight. My first shot at...