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  1. Renegadehunter

    Old CVA Mountain Rifle range report

    Long story, but wanted to share some background on this. In the 70’s my wife’s grandfather, Burt, put together a CVA mountain rifle kit in .50 caliber. (Yes, one of the “Made in the USA” on the barrel ones). His wife bought it for him, more for the project than his desire to shoot a BP rifle...
  2. Renegadehunter

    Pretty crazy for our area. Cabin owner apparently isn't the coldest beer in the fridge. Shooting someone fleeing from you in this day and age isn't a good idea...and most certainly it isn't a good idea to tell police that's how it went down. This area is my stomping ground and as the crow flies...
  3. Renegadehunter

    Cutthroat fly fishing trip

    Got away for a week to the Northfork of the Clearwater River. Beautiful country, one of my favorite places. Been going since my teens. The water was still pretty cold, second time I’ve ever been there that I wanted waders in July. Here’s a few pics, including the biggest fish for the week.
  4. Renegadehunter

    Idaho archery gobbler

    I went out Friday morning to do some turkey hunting. It was a beautiful morning and a chilly 37°F. I was at my property in the Craig Mountains, about 4350' elevation. I arrived about 20 minutes before shooting light. After stepping out of the pickup I listened carefully while getting ready...
  5. Renegadehunter

    Got in some shooting/testing

    I made it out to do a bit of shooting. I wanted to try some different patch lubes out mainly, I recently got some Frontier anti-rust and patch lube and wanted to also try some homemade olive oil /bees wax and some Dutch style Ballistol/water “dry” patches. I’ve done the Dutch style patches in...
  6. Renegadehunter

    Sighted in a new string on my compound this weekend

    The factory string on my Bowtech Carbon Knight was starting to get pretty frayed after the 3 years I used it, so I decided to get a custom string for it. In the past I've used Winner's Choice strings and found them to be nice strings that are pre-stretched so you don't have to worry about peep...
  7. Renegadehunter

    Ever needed a fast follow up shot?

    I thought this might be a good topic to hear folk's experiences. I hear people say all the time that they need a combo that will allow them to load fast "for hunting". I have a rifle that has to be swabbed every other shot at most or else accuracy goes out the window. Due to that I'm not...
  8. Renegadehunter

    CVA .50 Mountain rifle kit with really loose wedge pins

    The CVA .50 that I have from my wife's grandpa is a kit he built many years ago. I noticed right away that the wedge pins nearly fall out of it. He had put some kind of tape in the bottom of the stock and some around the wedge pins themselves to try to get them to stay in better, as it was...
  9. Renegadehunter

    Linen patch material

    Just bored and thought I'd share my current planned experimenting. I've been using cotton pillow ticking patches for quite some time, just store bought round ones from CVA I believe. I love to experiment, so even though I've found several different combo's that would be fine to hunt with, I...
  10. Renegadehunter

    Thanks OldMountainMan.

    Hey OMM, I was out shooting this Saturday and did some testing of some different patch lubes. I know you like mink oil and remember you saying it is very slick and you have to very lightly apply it. I've always just lubed one side of the patch by rubbing the patch around on it for a bit and...
  11. Renegadehunter

    Question/test for Idaholewis-weighing charges

    Hey Lew, I was thinking about how you meticulously weigh out your powder charges. Have you ever ran a test to compare weighing them vs. using a volume measure?  Just curious, as I currently don't have a scale that I could experiment with.  I've decided I'll be getting one though, but mainly so I...
  12. Renegadehunter

    Where do you get your powder?

    I finally ran low enough that I was getting nervous about how much powder I had on hand.  The muzzleloader club I'm in and have been getting my powder from is on its last legs, and they are so broke that they won't buy bulk powder any more, not even if members put their money up first.  There...
  13. Renegadehunter

    Selway River in Idaho pics

    Just got back from a weekend on the Selway and thought I'd share a few pics of this beautiful place. The cutthroat were being very picky and it took me a whole day to figure out what they would eat.  I threw them several caddis types, hoppers, stone flies, mosquito, renegade, royal wolf, tried...
  14. Renegadehunter

    "Made in USA" older CVA .50

    "Made in USA" older CVA .50 So, my father-in-law (FIL) was just given a CVA .50 hawken by his FIL.  Apparently he bought it as a kit, put it together, browned the barrel, and then it hung on the wall and it hasn't ever been shot.  This is pretty cool to me, as I've read that the older CVA's are...