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    Vegans respect nature

    Yep, my grandkids saw the picture and didn't know what to think; so I just told them the Easter bunny might not make it here this year. o_O [Fear not - they are old enough to have seen predator/prey in action before]
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    Handguns and deer

    Yep, the category for these particular posts was and is Modern Shooters, showing a photo of fixed brass ammo. Modern Shooters Some of us are admittedly partial to sidelock Muzzies (myself included), but we should still...
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    What powder charge to use in my Leman

    Wow, this historic rifle gets more interesting as we go! Sword cuts on the exterior of the barrel would definitely seem to involve military interaction. Lemans (epecially flinters) were a known trade item for Native use. That 47 inch barrel length might also indicate that possibility. I might...
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    What powder charge to use in my Leman

    You know, fifty-five years ago when I got started in BP shooting, it was not uncommon to see original rifles being used for hunting & target shooting. Today the practice is very rarely seen. Thank you for sharing the photos,details, and history you have for this fine original Leman rifle. LOVE IT!!!
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    What powder charge to use in my Leman

    A lot of good suggestions have already been given. I can only say that slow twist round ball barrels in the 1800s were often given a recommendation to use the rule of 3/7. That ratio meant using three grains of black powder for every seven grains of bullet weight. If your lead RB weighs 93...
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    Bushfire Tilden Park Western Australia

    Tragic loss, very sad for your situation. Our prayers are with you as you move forward, but thanks be to God for your health and well-being.
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    home made percussion caps

    When our boys were still home, we used to modify the plastic caps by lifting the little piece of white paper out of them with a straight pin or needle - It's not hard to do. That seemed to give more fire into the nipple for better ignition and less clogging up. YMMV.
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    Pistol Barrel Twist

    Rate of twist is actually based on a series of formulae (formulas) used to calculate the proper spin for a given caliber/bullet combination. Basically, black powder burns slowly compared to modern propellants, and only so much BP can be utilized in a short barrel. As a result, you need to crank...
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    top off & lay low

    Fellas, just a heads-up today. We are advising our kids to top off their gas tank and stock up on groceries & water before Jan 20th. We all live in a big city and this is just in case of possible troubles on inauguration day. YMMV but let's all hope for the best & peaceful times .
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    Have Question

    If you want a good starting point for a snug but not impossibly tight-fitting load, start with a ball about 8 thousandths under the bore size. In your situation, look for something .493 to .495 diameter. You can more easily find the .495 ball commercially and it has good accuracy potential if...
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    I had an Epiphany!

    Buck is correct in describing the Christian holiday. However, I believe the OP was actually trying to invoke the original language context of the word Epipihany. From Wikipedia, you can find this: "An epiphany (from the ancient Greek ἐπιφάνεια, epiphanea, "manifestation, striking appearance") is...
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    Question ..... What would be the best rate of twist in a .40 caliber muzzle-loading barrel?

    Hi Buck, Looking over the possibilities, if you choose to shoot with patched RB, the twist rate for calibers 40 on down is usually close to the bore diameter, or between 1:38 to 1:48 inches. The RPMs required to stabilize a small ball need more twist than big bores, so the 60-70 twists aren't...
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    Zinc contamination

    The picture is not in perfect focus, but from what shows there could be a couple of possible anomalies. 1. The dark spots could be spatters of lead oxide caused if the castings were somehow splashed with some corrosive substance; or, possibly there are foreign contaminants in the alloy. To have...
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    Zinc contamination

    Not sure about the zinc, but Hard bullets usually have some tin in them which is NOT good for Minies. The cheapest and best hardness tester is your thumbnail! If your nail can dent or scratch the surface of the lead, it is usually soft enough to work; if not, melt it down for cartridge reloading.
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    Track of The Wolf

    Guns international has several 50 cal Renegades listed: regarding Track of the Wolf, here are their current listings for 33 percussion rifles (there are eight 50 calibers; but the...
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    Match lock

    This is an amazing undertaking, and something I've always wanted to try...just never found enough courage to begin such an project. Please keep us posted on this very fascinating development!
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    Trouble seeing the sights

    Well, for traditional material hunting sights, I always liked a dark iron rear sight and a brass front one, to aid both low light vision and also as a contrast against the hollow-ground dark rear notch.
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    Movie: A guy on a buffalo

    Ah yes, Mongo! (aka Alex Karras). In the goofy movie Blazing Saddles, Mongo rode in on a Brahman bull, then knocked out a horse with one punch! In real life, he was quite a character. Professionally he played football for the Detroit Lions, was in the Pro Bowl 4 times, and also wrestled as a...
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    Does anyone know where I can get some 32 cal rim fire for an old pistol I just got ?

    The Long or Short version? Performing an internet search, there are a couple of firms selling these in 32 rimfire. Here is a link to start: 32 cal rim fire at DuckDuckGo
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    My New Hunter

    Hi Pete, I do hope you'll stay around here. I know we are all too old to be messing with each other's feelings, but sometimes the old man just jumps out. I have to believe there is basic good and caring in all of us (even me) :)