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  1. Winter Hawk

    Moose Milk

    When I first heard of "moose milk" I was told to use one part water soluble cutting oil to nine parts water. Water soluble cutting oil has gotten pretty difficult to find, and Balistol is now substituted for it.
  2. Winter Hawk

    NEW category!!

    Oooh, that sounds painful! :rolleyes: (going by your previous post....)
  3. Winter Hawk

    New range box

    Looks good! Now you need to make a tray to fit inside it and put some triangle pieces in the corners to support the tray. Just a suggestion; the tray could have dividers in it so you have several compartments for small stuff. Need a photo of the finished box, with rope handles in place, etc...
  4. Winter Hawk


    Just did.... ~WH~
  5. Winter Hawk

    Picked up a T/C Hawken

    Nice! Did it come with the peep sight, or did you put that on yourself? ~WH~
  6. Winter Hawk


    That looks like a dandy! We need a full range report when you wring her out.... ~WH~
  7. Winter Hawk

    Catched Some Pigs

    Huh? You mean you eat them critters ALIVE??? :eek:o_O:rolleyes: (Forgive me, I couldn't resist....)
  8. Winter Hawk

    New raised beds

    I need to get more lumber and rebuild mine; the present walls are 12 years old and rotted out. I was going to replace them last year but then decided that they could last another summer, which they did, I will build the new ones further apart so I can run the lawn mower between them - using...
  9. Winter Hawk

    Where do you purchase supplies?

    - The Gun Works Muzzleloading Emporium - - Good people, and they have parts for Thompson-Center traditional guns.
  10. Winter Hawk

    I am Picking Your brains

    Lee will (or used to, anyway) sell their molds factory direct. Good Lord, the manufacturer is out of stock! What is the world coming to? I was going to pick up a .50 brass brush at Walmart the other day, and their...
  11. Winter Hawk

    I had an Epiphany!

    What rifle are you using? Flintlocks are just like percussion guns, some have single triggers and some have double set triggers. And then of course, there are the single set triggers.... Put a chip of wood in the jaws in place of the flint and dry fire it. Do so every evening for ten or so...
  12. Winter Hawk

    Antique Drill Press

    I believe the original post photos are of a hand crank only drill press, missing the crank. The wheel on the side would be a fly wheel so once it was up to speed, inertia would help keep it turning so you didn't have to put as much effort into cranking it. The caption also says hand crank...
  13. Winter Hawk

    Old CVA Mountain Rifle range report

    Gotta love the CVA Mountain Rifle! Nice shooting also! ~WH~
  14. Winter Hawk


    That's great, thanks for posting it. ~WH~
  15. Winter Hawk

    Re Browning

    Laurel Mountain has done great for me over the years. ~WH~
  16. Winter Hawk

    Made some universal lube

    SOS was either red or white, depending on whether it was "Chipped Beef on Toast" or "Creamed Beef on Toast". I don't remember it being pink.... I liked the red stuff and sometimes make a "sorta" recipe I found on line. ~WH~
  17. Winter Hawk


    I'm a day late and a dollar short, but hope you all had a great celebration! ~WH~
  18. Winter Hawk

    Number 10 Caps and Number 11 Caps Interchangeable?

    Great chart, thanks Jonathon! It is saved to my hard drive for future reference. ~WH~
  19. Winter Hawk

    "Curing" a black powder barrel?

    I was recently thinking about this very subject. If I clean the bores of my ML rifles with boiling hot water, they flash rust. The same for others who I have communicated with. The bores have supposedly been "seasoned". If they are, there should be NO rust. My cast iron frying pans which I...
  20. Winter Hawk

    Always Keep One Handy ....

    The museum site doesn't show it; they have another one which is a copy of a striker ordered for the Lewis & Clark expedition, but even that is out of stock. I need to get me a good steel. The one I have, I can't get any sparks from whatsoever.