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  1. newtire

    Cleaning compound?

    Can anybody tell me of any homemade bp cleaning juice I can make out of common household ingredients to take to the range with me and run down the bore and clear it out before I get home to give it a more thorough swamp out? Plain water just isn't getting it.
  2. newtire

    Trouble seeing the sights

    Am having trouble seeing my front sight. It must be liberals or global warming I figure but was wondering if anyone knows of what color to ain’t my sight maybe or what else might help me get some kind of contrast or whatever it takes to see the @¥#^! sight?
  3. newtire

    Mowry Fast Twist Projectile Question

    I have a nice looking Mowry .50 cal. with deep cut rifling and a fast twist. I'm no expert but I have heard that guns twisted for conicals are better matched to shallow cut rifling. Reason being is because the rifling need not be deep to get a good grip on the slug. So, I have this 1-30"...
  4. newtire

    Nosler Sporting Handgun Bullets?

    I've been thinking about trying the Nosler Sporting handgun bullets in my .50 inline guns.  I was wondering if any of you had tried them and what sort of results did you get.  They sell blemished bullets pretty regularly so I think they'd be fairly economical.  I've been shooting 250 grain T/C...
  5. newtire

    .45 T/C Black Diamond

    I had some time this afternoon so I thought I'd run to the range for awhile.  I bought the Black Diamond back when they first came out, hunted with it for a few years, killed a couple deer, then replaced it with break-open guns.  I remember now why it's been in my gunsafe for most of the last...
  6. newtire

    T/C Black Diamond and BH209?

    T/C Black Diamond and BH209? I've been shooting BH209 in Traditions break-open guns for a few years and I'm very happy with it. I've got a .45 Black Diamond that I haven't shot in a long time and it's time to change that. I've read that you can't use BH209 in plunger style guns; is that...
  7. newtire

    T/C Triumph

    I'm adding a Thompson Center Triumph to my stable of muzzle loaders. I shoot BH 209 and 250 grain T/C Shockwaves out of my other in-lines and I'll probably start with that combination. Anyone shooting that combination from a Triumph? Something else?