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  1. Renegadehunter

    To much down time

    Sounds like you're doing some good planning during your down time. Hope you heal quickly.
  2. Renegadehunter

    What powder charge to use in my Leman

    I've always gotten better accuracy from patched RB with a pretty firm fitting combo. Above you said that they "seat easy". If it goes down the bore pretty easy, and accuracy isn't real great, then try something tighter. Perhaps the 380 ball with the pillow ticking. T-shirt is pretty thin...
  3. Renegadehunter

    Range morning with the CVA and Investarms

    On the TC maxi-balls, did you have both grease grooves filled with lube? I recently watched an Idaholewis video where he shot Maxi-balls with both grooves lubed and then shot them with only the narrower lower groove lubed. He thought that the giant upper groove was too much lube and it...
  4. Renegadehunter

    Where to buy a Coning Tool?

    There is a guy named Joe Wood on that goes by the user name of flintsteel that sells them. I've read nothing but good reviews about his coning tool. Here is a link to a thread he has that explains how to contact him to purchase one. FOR SALE - Muzzle Coning Tool | The...
  5. Renegadehunter

    2nd batch pictures.

    I do not trap, but sure enjoy reading your experiences. Please keep them coming.
  6. Renegadehunter


    Your senses can figure out when another predator is nearby, especially your hearing. I was turkey hunting one Spring and had a distant Tom responding, so I was making quite a bit of hen noises. 10 minutes in everything suddenly went deathly quiet. No birds chirping, nothing. All the hair...
  7. Renegadehunter

    Old CVA Mountain Rifle range report

    Long story, but wanted to share some background on this. In the 70’s my wife’s grandfather, Burt, put together a CVA mountain rifle kit in .50 caliber. (Yes, one of the “Made in the USA” on the barrel ones). His wife bought it for him, more for the project than his desire to shoot a BP rifle...
  8. Renegadehunter

    Colorado's Mountain Man & Very Smart Business Man - part 1

    I love reading about history during that era, thanks so much for posting.
  9. Renegadehunter

    Dates of Manufacture for T/C Sidelock Guns?

    No. Years ago TC had a warehouse fire and all those records were lost. What do you have? There are some differences between earlier ones and later ones that can at least give you an idea. Older ones had a higher hammer spur, rear sight bolt spacing is different, QLA muzzle was only 90's or...
  10. Renegadehunter

    Any Thompson Center Experts out there?

    From your pictures it looks like to me you have an older Hawken or Renegade lock in the top picture with the "high hammer spur". The bottom looks like their later one where they rolled the hammer and spur back a bit. I do not know whether they are different other than that. If that's what you...
  11. Renegadehunter

    Wax, grease, or oil?

    Here is the group with Frontiers patch lube. 4 shots at 50 yards off sand bags with a big .060” front post reference on the rifle. Better than I remembered, it will definitely shoot in my rifle, and that one out of the group was more than likely me.
  12. Renegadehunter

    Wax, grease, or oil?

    I have a tin of Frontier's anti-rust and patch lube but haven't gotten much testing done with it yet. It showed a lot of promise as a patch lube the one time I tried it. Think I may have a picture of the group, I'll look. I haven't tried it for rust proofing yet. Smells good, can't place...
  13. Renegadehunter

    Where did they go?

    Hit up Angie in the very top "Announcements and forum help" thread. She'll get you squared away.
  14. Renegadehunter

    Wax, grease, or oil?

    Not PC, but I really like Barricade. It does extremely well in rust tests but my favorite thing about it is it dries and just leaves a protective film. If I accidently apply too much to the bore, well after a couple days it has dried and I don't need to keep the rifle stored bore down if I...
  15. Renegadehunter

    Large amounts of fouling after each shot

    I'm the same Mossie, pistols just don't interest me in comparison to a rifle. If we got a BP club around here again that had shoots and there was a pistol event, then I'd probably get one solely for that purpose.
  16. Renegadehunter

    Powder Horn Explosion today

    Wow, glad you're okay. I thought horn end plugs were supposed to be able to release/give in the event of the BP getting ignited, so they don't become a bomb? I've never built one or had a desire to, so zero research or knowledge... I always envisioned them just shaped to fit snugly, maybe...
  17. Renegadehunter

    I'm recovering finally ...

    Glad to hear you are finally on the mend! Sounds like a pretty horrible experience for quite a while.
  18. Renegadehunter

    Getting the party started BIG titty-kitty

    Lewiston is my hometown. Lolo is still there. A guy by the name of Howell owns it. He has actually also started a full on ammo making business, Freedom Munitions & x-treme bullets are brands from him. It's my understanding that the quality leaves a bit to be desired, or at least that was the...
  19. Renegadehunter

    Getting the party started BIG titty-kitty

    Orofino Idaho? That's right up the river from me, about a 35 minute drive.
  20. Renegadehunter

    PRB vs Maxi ball

    Wow, agree. No way a PRB wears out a barrel that fast without some other underlying issue. Funny patch material, lube, or cleaning is my guess.