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  1. 4065shooter

    The United States International Muzzle Loading Team (USIMLT).

    Not televised at all, other than possibly a firearms related show on the outdoor channel. I recall years ago, during the Biathalon as I anxiously awaited the shooting segment, which was not shown. I believe it was ESPN or similar that flat out stated "we don't want to show firearms used in a...
  2. 4065shooter

    Track of The Wolf

    I'm in the business & shipping is slow slow. I guess we're blaming covid & Donald Trump of course.
  3. 4065shooter

    My New Hawken

    Make a lap & refresh barrel. You might be surprised. Theres articles around on how to do it. Lap
  4. 4065shooter

    Lubes (again)

    EEZOX is great. There's more than one test on you tube. Barricade is not bad either. For patch lube, try SPG in a tin.
  5. 4065shooter

    GIVE AWAY! Traditional Hunting Shirt

    Thanks for the opportunity.  XL long hunter wrap.  Thanks