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    More Pesky Pigs

    On Friday i killed eight small pigs with two loads of #4 buckshot from a stand about 25 yards from feeder. Dead pigs don't grow into hogs.
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    More Pesky Pigs

    It's a feeder: Dispenses corn to hungry hogs.
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    More Pesky Pigs

    Game camera photos from mid March. Clock is one hour slow:
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    Cabels NEW gun policy

    This is all over the web. There ain't no government conspiracy to confiscate our muzzleloaders. It's a policy designed to protect Cabela's from lawsuits. It ain't just in Indiana, it's Cabela's policy US wide. Cabela's will no longer ship a muzzleloader to an individual. It must be...
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    Covid Virus Vaccine shots?

    Got both Pfizer vaccinations: No pain no strain. Wife received both Moderna vaccinations, She was very sick for about three days after the second shot.
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    Catched Some Pigs

    Never ate any meat of an animal that had died. It was the big fat live pregnant sow in the third trap. She was dead after my partner shot her.
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    Catched Some Pigs

    No. Had some sausage this morning from the other big pregnant sow.
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    Catched Some Pigs

    Not by this guy.
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    Muzzle loader experts

    Works well for me.
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    Catched Some Pigs

    We checked those traps the next morning. All those traps have game cameras nearby. That sow died about six hours after entering the trap. The other pregnant sow died in less than ten hours. Two other sows have birthed pigs in our traps.
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    Catched Some Pigs

    A lease Mate and i found these hogs in our traps this morning: This boar weighed about 225 pounds: The pig weighed about 70 pounds. The very pregnant sow was dead. She weighed about 200 pounds. Infrequently pregnant sows die when trapped. i've seen it happen twice: The third...
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    I need a new rest, what type of shooting rest do you use?

    Wouldn't own a lead sled. i use an adjustable front rest and a leather rear bag.
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    reputable supplier

    IMO: Powder, Inc. is first class.
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    i Passed On A Good Buck

    Gave a good young buck a pass on the last day of OK deer gun season. Watched him graze a game plot for about 20 minutes at about 50 yards. It would have been like shooting a cow in the pasture. The deer on that property are not afraid of me: My scent is everywhere, including the...
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    Finally got it done this year with my in-line.

    Congrats on the big doe.
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    Finding Black Powder

    Black powder cannot be mailed. New York black powder laws: New York State Black Powder Laws (
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    a legal carry handgun to carry in your car that you dont need a permit for.

    We have Constitutional carry, in Oklahoma anyone without a felony conviction, aged 21 or over is allowed to carry concealed on person or in an auto.
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    Number 10 Caps and Number 11 Caps Interchangeable?

    The Remington #11 caps i have are taller than the CCI #11 caps: They are too tall to fit in my capper. My Remington caps are too large for the TC nipples on my rifles. They must be squeezed and bent to stay on the nipple.