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  1. CVA Enthusiast

    Guns of the West paper cartridge kits?

    I have just ordered the kit that assist in making paper cartridges for the .36/.44 anyone with experience? That perhaps would like to share some knowledge I am not opposed to bad as well as good, will be heard
  2. CVA Enthusiast

    Thoughts or suggestions sought on a refinish.

    Rough one to answer I can say when I refinish I might change a color or leave raw wood and tru oil I try as much as possible not to change configuration unless I have to. I see your doing same it is nice. Even if cut down still would have looked good
  3. CVA Enthusiast

    Plunger guns vs break opens

    eh to each his/her own, Kind of a loaded question. In Line or Break Action all wagons will circle their respective camps, I have 3 In Lines and a Hawken, I had a Wolf Break Action eh Traded off I shoot tighter groups with in lines, I suggest get an in line and a break action SHOOT THEM and see...
  4. CVA Enthusiast

    Casting Round balls

    Nice all great info, for one to take in
  5. CVA Enthusiast

    Plunger guns vs break opens

    Knight Rifles made plunger type guns for years. I love mine. It's an MK 85, .50 cal, and I converted it to take 209 primers. Awesome rifle, and deadly on the white tails. Well they were all Plunger guns in the beginning, "Break Action" came after complaints of having to do work to clen...
  6. CVA Enthusiast

    Plunger guns vs break opens

    Plungers by far, having the one piece stock, does add stability. Break opens are fine, the truth about em 1) Easier to clean 2) Industry found away to charge double for the break opens. if doubt it Buckhorn magnum was $199 on sale most times $99-$120ish Dropped by CVA for break open line...
  7. CVA Enthusiast

    Have Question

    So much like the .490 round ball plan at least a day fitting patch/ball then another day shooting to see what works best. WAY COOL I will get the kids involved as well for the learning experience. Gonna be nice having kids involved from casting to shooting I want them to see, feel to experience...
  8. CVA Enthusiast

    Have Question

    .490 round ball is standard in a .50 CVA However as we know and I have had measured .501 to .503 are the actual diameters. My Question is has anyone tried say .500 and .01 on the ticking?
  9. CVA Enthusiast

    Red/Green Dot on Muzzleloader

    I hate it I hate it I hate it, Just when I go and "Get Happy" with actual black powder scopes some young into modern meat head pops up and delivers a whole new money involved Idea that does not totally suck. Lighter red/green dot (than my scopes). Set zero at 100 be 1 inch high at 50. Then again...
  10. CVA Enthusiast

    Casting Round balls

    I begin casting my own .500 round balls I have compiled tons of research. Various media, books, videos, you tube, forums, face book, I always end up postponing. re working worst case disasters, water in molten lead, foolish folks/kids factor. I need to set a side a day and just do it.
  11. CVA Enthusiast

    Odd"Ball" Question

    Good to know Thanks
  12. CVA Enthusiast

    I visit several different muzzle-loading forums weekly.....

    See kind of set in what was done and defiant to new technology and or methods
  13. CVA Enthusiast

    I am Picking Your brains

    In short I can not find a .490 round ball mold (at a decent price) I have ordered a .500 I realize the difference I also know I can use a thinner patch What I do not know is if 15th patch size would be adequate or should I go thinner? Yes for those wondering I am getting into casting round...
  14. CVA Enthusiast

    Wax, grease, or oil?

    Clean hot water/ballistol mix, Bore Butter to barrel after dry, as with anti seize to nipples and breech plugs every so often pull out of safe or down from rack more bore butter and anti seize return. May add rem oil trigger area. Not much
  15. CVA Enthusiast

    "Curing" a black powder barrel?

    MAN!!!! Whooooo the difference of opinion is strong on this one I use the close to boiling water, I add ballistol to mine, once dry I think the ballistol remains as "Seasoning"once dry bore butter is applied to inside of barrel and anti seize to threads of breech plugs and/or nipples, to each...
  16. CVA Enthusiast

    Finally got it done this year with my in-line.

    Congrats, Need to get out myself
  17. CVA Enthusiast

    I visit several different muzzle-loading forums weekly.....

    Ah I see.......difference of opinion is not tolerated thank you for the heads up, I`ll keep my yap shut hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
  18. CVA Enthusiast

    Odd"Ball" Question

    I have been sitting here watching ballistics testing done on all kinds of ammo, and the weird things turned into ammo, done to existing ammo. Well has anyone ever attempted a Split Ball? or crossed cut ball? I know I know the stuff that crosses my mind in boredom.
  19. CVA Enthusiast


    Hey all Merry Christmas
  20. CVA Enthusiast

    209 Primer tool

    209 is a shot gun shell primer and seats in further than a cap, the leather although awesome for caps would be too soft for the primers.