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    New Ban in Canada for firearms anything over 20mm.

    Ott awa Ottawa is smarter than the rest of the country. Good for them!
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    SO true! And most of the media is owned by communist lovers.
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    Large amounts of fouling after each shot

    I use FFFG, and Bore butter. It works great, and clean up is super easy!
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    We need to prosecute the Bidens for their crimes, period. Impeach!
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    We will be a serious thorn in their sides forever. Never give up!
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    Agreed, 100%! But the leftist sheep are among the dumbest in the world.
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    Keeping firearms dry during storage

    I use the thick "Bore Stores" soft gun sleeves. They are impregnated with silicone, and supposedly help draw any moisture away from the firearm. I have never have a problem with any of my long guns, if I store them in Bore Stores.
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    I don't use PRB's, but I like using wads and loose powder.....
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    a legal carry handgun to carry in your car that you dont need a permit for.

    Same here in Maine, we are also a COnstitutional Carry state, though I still keep my permit active.
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    a legal carry handgun to carry in your car that you dont need a permit for.

    I prefer concealed carry, if out and about, but I sometimes open carry a sidearm while hunting....
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    I can use either or.

    I like getting close as well, especially during muzzle loader season.
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    Colorado Outdoors

    I It's more important to carry now, more than ever, especially with the Antifa and BLM thugs attacking innocent civilians now.....stay safe!
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    Colorado Outdoors

    YOu guys need to educate the citizenry and vote the lefties ou!
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    Venting about the Police Situation

    That's the way I see it as well.....
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    Petey stopped by today

    Sad....anti-hunting idiocy is bad!
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    What's Your Favorite Sidelock?

    T That is gorgeous!
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    Let's Get Back To Muzzleloading - Traditional & In-Line / What's your feelings about scopes on traditional muzzle-loaders?

    Scopes bring in the light which can help you in low light conditions, like the last five minutes of legal hunting time. Last deer I took was with a muzzle loader, but had I not had a scope on it, I would not have been able to be as sure of my shot as well, as it was getting darker. Had a not...
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    Navy Arms Buffalo Hunter

    Looks nice...I would have paid that in a heartbeat, especially for a .58 cal! Enjoy it....
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    House Bill H.R. 5717

    You need to get enough people to vote out the radical liberals and take your rights back.