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  1. Firestick


    Went out with the 58 NA Buffalo Hunter the other day. Was shooting the Lee R.E.A.L. in it and the wad thickness didn't seem to make huge differences. The 1/8" shot a little better than the 1/4" wad whilst shooting these but when t came to patched round balls WOW! Just for fun I tried using wads...
  2. Firestick

    The shortage.....

    ... of shooting things is frustrating. Last week we had percussion caps no issue. Today there were only RWS1075 caps at $10.99/100 tins. Quite a few tins of musket caps however. Even cans of BP substitute is looking grim. This is NUTS. I understand morons hoarding modern ammo (not a round of .38...
  3. Firestick

    BP Dealers between..........?

    Any dealers selling black powder between Cheyenne and Fort Collins? I may be making a trip that way in the next month or so.
  4. Firestick

    Lead melting.

    I am not a big shooter of front stuffers but I do shoot enough that obtaining projectiles for the new .58 will be bothersome to obtain. I have been thinking of getting a Lee pot and casting again. I have access to scrap lead of all sorts from pure lead to wheel weights. If I do this I can cast...
  5. Firestick

    Navy Arms Buffalo Hunter

    Picked up a NA buffalo Hunter in very nice shape today. #19349 XXVI. My research says it is from 1970. Not much else I can find about them. What can you guys tell me about it? Came with 2 boxes of round balls and patches but I was under the impression they shot boolits.
  6. Firestick

    Bass Oreno

    Anyone around who remember the Bass Oreno? It was my fathers favorite and we used then to catch bull trout back in the day. I am thinking of making a few in different colors and see who they work and smallies. We used to use them and Wilson Wobblers for pike.
  7. Firestick


    Just got the Lucky Wireless Fishfinder. Friend has one and they work well. I can't wait for spring to hit the water! No more mystery if the fish are around! I think they are one of the best innovations for shore fisherman since the pole holder!
  8. Firestick

    Wish we had a late season.

    When I lived in MT we had a late season primitive weapons hunt in the drainage bottoms where the high population of people and whitetails existed. They allowed shotgun, bow and ML's and I believe straightwalled pistols of certain calibers. It was always fun going out on New Years day and fill a...
  9. Firestick

    Stickbow shooters?

    How many of the members shoot recurves or longbows or selfbows as their bow of choice here? It seems a natural to shoot a "primitive bow when you choose a primitive rifle. I left the world of wheels long ago when it no longer was a challenge to hunt with a compound.
  10. Firestick

    A long and tough journey

    Well it has been a long tough journey since 1997 when I got sepsis from a simple cut on my finger during construction of an apartment complex. Lost a great deal of strength and stamina. Spent 5 days in ICU. They didn't think I was going to make it but some how at virtually the last hour the...
  11. Firestick

    CCI #11 caps

    I have always used Remington caps but decided to try some CCI. I had several FTF episodes with them at the range and two hang fires. So I tired setting them off with out a load and 4 of 10 would not go off. Two of the 4 did go off upon a 2nd strike of the hammer. Anyone else have issues like...
  12. Firestick

    Down to one.

    Well down to one board. Though I find it impossible to "resign" my membership from other boards.I simply logged out and no longer participate or visit the sights. This sight has what I like and seems well run. Just wish there were a few more posts in certain areas. Thanks for the knowledge and...
  13. Firestick

    Hopefully something new this year

    For the past 2 years Health has kept me indoors pretty much all the time and missed hunting and fishing. Slowly getting some strength back after cancer treatments. My friend wants me to go crappie fishing. Never fished for them but he says they are as good eating as a walleye so I am in man!. We...
  14. Firestick

    Needed a range rod so...

    .. I got one of these from one of our lgs. I think it will work out just fine. It came with a muzzle protector/guide, .50 cal brass brush, cleaning jag and bullet puller. Now I can save my hickory rod for hunting.   https://www.cabelas.com/product/CVA-reg-Lifetime-Range-Rod/1383656.uts
  15. Firestick

    Bore polishing

    The first 6" of the bore need polishing on the rifle I just finished. It is extremely hard to get a ball started plus a very hard drag until it gets past that 6" then smooth as butter. What do you use to polish bores? I may need to ease the crown as well.
  16. Firestick

    CVA Mt Rifle finished

    Turned out ok. Not my best effort but fatigue recovering from cancer treatments lingers on and on. Plus my eyesight isn't what it was when I was 40 either. The colored of the stock turned out what I wanted.One day I will get some rottenstone and rub it done for a satin finish. Bluing was...
  17. Firestick

    Trigger adjustments

    Well I have the CVA Mountain Rifle back together. Sadly the new trigger it needed doesn't adjust properly. I am going to pull the lock off and peak inside as to the orientation and depth the trigger sits in its recess.  It was cut way too deep and he had plastic shims on the old trigger. My gut...
  18. Firestick

    Stain- I paid a price for getting in a hurry.

    Well over the years my basic stains have been Minwax and Cabots sometimes Sherwin Williams. More often than not I would mix Minwax colors to get the desired color I wanted. Well not this time and I paid the penalty. I shopped around until I found the color I wanted. It turned out to be Kona by...
  19. Firestick


    Seems strange so little is discussed about binoculars here. Next to my weapon they are my most important piece of equipment. Sadly my favorite brand is no longer made (Brunton). I still use them and they are still in great shape but should they bite the dust i won't be able to get them repaired...
  20. Firestick

    Wall Tent Frames.

    Getting to old before my time to wrestle with my wall tent. I found a company that makes adjustable angle connectors and was wondering if anyone has used such devices. My tent is an RK Lodge and frames are not made for them and a custom frame is way beyond my price range. Sure would be much...