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  1. Firestick

    Got some bear oil today

    That's a big boy!
  2. Firestick


    I found a patch/wad combo last time out and it was 15-20 yds down range. Found just the wads out at 15 yds or so and the patches were FEW and around 10yds.
  3. Firestick


    Have a friend who has a lathe in his shop and am going to see if he has time to run my wad punches in it. I need the stems turned down to 1/2" and trued up to the cutting end so I can run them in my drill press. Goes WAY faster and makes a pretty much perfect wad. Not sure it can be done but...
  4. Firestick


    The wad under the PRB really improved accuracy. I think 1 3/4" group @ 50yds is excellent out of the old .58 with open sights and my 63yo eyes which have never been that great to start with!
  5. Firestick


    Went out with the 58 NA Buffalo Hunter the other day. Was shooting the Lee R.E.A.L. in it and the wad thickness didn't seem to make huge differences. The 1/8" shot a little better than the 1/4" wad whilst shooting these but when t came to patched round balls WOW! Just for fun I tried using wads...
  6. Firestick

    Lead melting.

    Bought the Lee Magnum furnace. It works GREAT. Now to figure out how to lube the bullets without making a damned mess. All the "recipes" seem way to soft. Thinking I need just beeswax and a few drops of Murphys oil or Pinesol. in it.
  7. Firestick

    Passed month has been hard on me.

    Age forty had sepsis and damn near died. Age 52 West Nile viral encephalitis meningitis. A week in the hospital and 3 of those days in an icu. In my fifties 2 heart attacks and 3 stents placed. Age 60 first triple cardiac ablation for afib. Age 61 stage 4 esophageal cancer with full on...
  8. Firestick

    The shortage.....

    ... of shooting things is frustrating. Last week we had percussion caps no issue. Today there were only RWS1075 caps at $10.99/100 tins. Quite a few tins of musket caps however. Even cans of BP substitute is looking grim. This is NUTS. I understand morons hoarding modern ammo (not a round of .38...
  9. Firestick

    Cleaning compound?

    Ballistol and water. Used to use Windex.
  10. Firestick

    Throwing hawk

    No arguing about the dishes I imagine.
  11. Firestick

    What size or type of wool/felt wad do you prefer for 58ca?

    I plan on getting some medium wool felt from duro-felt and cutting them out with both a 15mm punch and a 5/8 punch for my .58. I'll see what difference they make and post a report when I get it all accomplished. I plan o experimenting with my moose milk, beeswax/olive oil and gojo as patch and...
  12. Firestick

    BP Dealers between..........?

    Any dealers selling black powder between Cheyenne and Fort Collins? I may be making a trip that way in the next month or so.
  13. Firestick

    New Lyman made by pedersoli

    Lots of sarcasm and bitching about Lyman here. I for one see this at an attempt at changing and improving things. I'll wait and see. I for one am glad they are seemingly attempting to up the quality. That can't hurt. The GPR has been a good one along with their Trade Rifle.
  14. Firestick

    The poor mans lathe

    Saw Roy Underhill on The Woodright Shop use his to make table legs. It wasn't quite as crude as this one but was a foot powered oscillating lathe as well. They made some darn nice stuff with these machines!
  15. Firestick

    Navy Arms Buffalo Hunter

    paid $200 for it. Seems to shoot just fine. One of these cool days I'll take to range and bench it.
  16. Firestick

    Santa fe trail rendezvous was a good one!

    Looks like one that Crazy Crow sells. Should work well.
  17. Firestick

    Early rendezvous shopping

    Thought it was "cousin Eddy" for a second.
  18. Firestick

    Lead melting.

    Research shows Lee as being popular with home casters as well as the Lyman "Big Dipper". I am sure I would be happy using a ladle to cast with as that is how I did many 1000's of bullets and round balls in years gone by.
  19. Firestick

    Lead melting.

    I am not a big shooter of front stuffers but I do shoot enough that obtaining projectiles for the new .58 will be bothersome to obtain. I have been thinking of getting a Lee pot and casting again. I have access to scrap lead of all sorts from pure lead to wheel weights. If I do this I can cast...
  20. Firestick

    Navy Arms Buffalo Hunter

    It isn't known if it shoots PRB "well". It was designed to shoot a conical so that is what I'll try along with PRB. No matter what I shoot projectiles will have to be ordered as no one around here has .58 cal ANYTHING. I will see what "bullets" do as time goes on. No matter what it should be a...