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    Mule ear 'Kit'???

    I believe that Deer Creek used to have a mule ear rifle, back when the original owners ran it. Just like they had an underhammer rifle. Give them a call. I did a while back and they said they had underhammer kits available, but that was a couple of years ago.
  2. Winter Hawk

    Some items I've made

    Do you have a recipe you can share? What proportions of flour to honey? I may have to try making some myself. So how is the melanoma doing? My Dad had and overcame it, hope the same for you! ~Kees~
  3. Winter Hawk

    Hello from Tennessee

    Late to the party as usual.... grumble, grump. Welcome from SE Ohio where they have turned my former stomping grounds into "The Baileys" mountain bike trails. More grumble & grump. ~Kees~
  4. Winter Hawk

    Dutch Holster Pistol

    As a Dutchman, I drool over that pistol! Just plain LOVELY. Can we see a photo of the other side also? ~Kees~
  5. Winter Hawk

    My Traditions Kentucky

    Two different people posted their rifles. Lonewolf172 and Lonewalker. The "Lone" part in both their monickers can throw a person off! ;) ~Kees~
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    Rear Sight on 45 Cal Kentucky Rifle

    I use a hack saw for the notch, about 1/8" deep. Then file the appropriate sight (front or rear) when sighting in. Just make sure the notch is straight up & down, not at an angle. If it's too narrow take a jeweler's file to widen it. Lonewalker hit it on the head! ~Kees~
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    Veteran Roll Call

    USN '62 - '65 USS Philip DD 498 after bombing out of ETA school. Deck force, then Sonar. Alaska ANG watercraft operator, '83 - '86, Oregon ANG '87-'92 artillery surveyor & FIST, Alaska ANG '92 - '97 watercraft operator. Then they managed to lose all my time for the second time, and I pulled...
  8. Winter Hawk

    Hello from Oregon.

    Welcome from a former Oregonian, 30 years or so ago....
  9. Winter Hawk

    .50 To .54

    And mine also. Then I asked him to, and he acquiesced, build a smooth bore barrel for it. "It" is a Pennsylvania Hunter. I highly recommend his work! I talked to him a few weeks ago and he said he is swamped with work right now so it will take a little time before he can get to any new projects.
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    Looking for an under rib

    De nada!
  11. Winter Hawk

    Looking for an under rib

    Deer Creek seems to have the rib, rib screws and ramrod retaining spring in stock:
  12. Winter Hawk

    Cva big bore mountain .54 cal kit

    Actually, I believe Traditions is importing what CVA dropped. Jonathan can probably help out here. They may have a different way of installing the drum (I said bolster in my previous post, it should be the drum as the bolster is part of the lock and supports the drum), in which case theirs may...
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    Moose Milk

    Check out what Jonathan wrote, first post here: Patched Ball Shooters
  14. Winter Hawk

    Cva big bore mountain .54 cal kit

    Be advised that CVA used a patent breech plug, and the bolster drum screws into it. And to make things even more interesting, the bolster drum goes through the breech and screws into the other side. They were installed that way, then drilled from the muzzle to open them to the powder charge...
  15. Winter Hawk

    Newest knife

    Looking good!