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    Just another TC refinish.

    Sweet, what did you use for finish?
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    Wax, grease, or oil?

    Works great, before storage i saturate a clean patch and swab the bore with this. Have not had any rust in or out of barrels kept in basement. Great shooting patch lube too in my experience.
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    Starting another kit build

    Very nice job
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    PRB vs Maxi ball

    Maybe never cleaned and the grooves are full of fouling. 😊
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    Patched Ball Shooters

    I found steam through the nipple hole flushes the TC fire channel clean like nothing else. Flows black into the pail. I then put anti rust Ballstol or similar for storage. Clear it and barrel swiped with denatured alcohol before going out to shoot. Scopes clean and shoots every time.
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    Screw Threads sizes

    I bought a TC bore mop and brush. Didn't pay attention ran the bore brush down and stuck, tried to remove it and broke off. Friggin aluminum not brass or steel. Be sure to make sure. I "assumed" TC/S&W wouldn't do something stupid. Well they did the cheap money maker thing. I still cant...
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    Just starting

    Anyone use NULL B for priming the pan? I have been told it holds up better in humidity especially in hunting season. Even on the range it was working when the 4f was not firing in heavy humidity. All anecdotal, was just wondering experience in other physical locations and weather. I am in...
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    I had not heard of using a wad with a PRB. It improves accuracy? What diameter wad would be used in a 50 cal? Would love to try this and see how it impacts the process.
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    Sighting in and working up a load

    Exactly, removes that frustration because you don't really know what that gun is doing.
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    Sighting in and working up a load

    Bench is where you test the gun, add the human holding is a whole new ball game even if the sight picture is identical.
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    1st shot way off target

    Must be using bore butter. 🙂
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    Frontier"s patch lubes

    Works great, I like it. After cleaning I melt a bit on a patch and swab the warm barrel and put away. Comes back out like it went in.
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    Anyone finish barrel steel with linseed oil ?

    I rust-blue and finish with boiled linseed. Looks great and tough. Only brown I have was done in 1984 with a product from the gun shop with bichloride of mercury made a beautiful coating, hunted and not a mark on it. Tough too. Have not tried laurel mountain yet, one in the queue. Cold...
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    a legal carry handgun to carry in your car that you dont need a permit for.

    Pull it best be ready to pull the trigger. In NY the liberals say you can own a double barrel muzzloader like a Diablo, but cannot own the materials to fire it without a pistol permit. NY is the worst on weapons, they want an easily subdued populace.
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    Re barreled my Hawken Part 2 - New Caliber

    Thanks, confirmed my idea. I ordered a 3/8in copper tube but be here next week. Wanted make sure all bases were covered. I had hoped it would work.